Fine Tuning Projectiles and Making Tanks in Queues the Same

Projectiles are much larger and HP for everyone has increased. I did not think of increasing projectile size. It is an interesting idea, a great idea. These changes are good.

I suggest making Tanks in Open-Queue and Role-Queue the exact same. And I suggest balancing the size of projectiles up and down enough to make Tanks (2 Tanks/1 Damage/2 Supports comps) fair in Open-Queue and Role-Queue.

With varying size(s) of projectiles, Tanks in Open-Queue and Role-Queue can be made equal. It’s a great idea.

If Tanks in both Queues are equal, Open-Queue could be taken more seriously and players can have fun playing with a fellow Tank (that’s one of my main points of suggesting increased HP). Also, after many years, when there are equal numbers of all three roles and equal number of players queueing in all three roles, comps can be 2-2-2 or a mode with 6 players (2-2-2 and 6 player open queue) can be reintroduced. But that is a long time from now.

It is a suggestion, but it is about an issue in the current game. So I decided to post in Bug Reports.

Edit: I must stress: The main reasons for suggesting increased HP or less damage, is to make Supports reasonable and making Tanks in Role Queue and Open Queue the same. With more HP and adjusting projectile size, here is an amazing opportunity to make Tanks the same in all modes and having all modes be taken seriously.

Damage heroes would do the highest damage, allowing for 2 Tanks-1 Damage-2 Supports comps, while increased HP allows for even Damage heroes’ DPS to be reasonable (players are able to withstand). I do not want you to miss this opportunity to have a serious mode with two tanks.

Because it might be a very long time before we have equal numbers of players queueing for Tanks, Damage and Supports.

(Also, you might be taking your time. That’s good.)

Edit: I’d like to hint: The damage of everyone (edit) should be about the same as it was when the comps, in Open Queue, were 2-1-2, for the first time. Since everyone’s HP is higher, it should be fair.