Fine, Mercy is balanced

pretty sure it was reworked because of a certain playstyle

if fun was put into consideration many heroes wouldn’t exist

It invalidates nothing because whether she is fun or boring is incredibly subjective.

I still find her fun. Does that invalidate your opinion? No. It just shows how subjective “fun” is.

No, she didn’t. Post-invuln mass rez required zero skill whatsoever. She’s a little harder to use now if anything because e-rez takes a little bit of skill to use without dying and Valkyrie requires decision making about whether to heal, speed boost, or attack.

They used a sledgehammer to get rid of that certain playstyle, when they only needed a chisel. As a result, Mercy’s been smashed to pieces.

They failed in eliminating it anyways, because now that playstyle is the only way to use Mercy’s E without getting killed.

Mercy’s skill ceiling before the rework wasn’t that high either. So she must’ve been boring before as well.

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Very funny. Please read Titanium’s post for the whole story, and a fair bit of mythbusting.


Neat. Others disagree. Play a different hero. I don’t make 3943 threads about me personally not enjoying Widowmaker; I just play different heroes.

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This is what happens when you try to “balance” hero so much, they become boring.

just balance the hero for a bit, then wait a month or two to see what happens before pulling another buff or nerf

With the Mercy situation, they rush nerfs for her without even seeing if she actually needs one

that’s your opinion if you find mercy bad now, most players find her balanced now

whether she is fun to play or not is a cheap way to make the devs rework her again. then players that like the current mercy will use the same argument until it goes in circles because fun is subjective

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Then what happens if the different heroes that you play get a controversial series of balance patches, and you no longer have fun playing them?

Are you just going to keep dropping heroes until there’s no fun heroes left to play?

There are 5 other heroes that you could play instead. Just because you find Mercy to be boring doesn’t mean everyone else does. Why bother sticking with a hero you personally find to be a chore to play?

Welcome in the boring world, the tank players feel you bro.

I don’t. That’s why this thread exists.

So if there is no problem then what are you complaining about?

Check the op. Or even better, check the “top posts of all time” page of the forums and read the #1 thread.

I had fun playing a video game character.

Then that character was made not-fun to play. I don’t see why complaining about this is such a controversy.

People just like to judge ( expecially if you complain for a reason )

I agree Mercy can still be played, but she is no longer as fun to play as she was,
using Rez in a teamfight can get you killed, healing takes longer…

If it reaches a point where you find so many of the heroes on the roster unfun or boring to play, maybe it’s that you think OW is boring and it’s time to move on.

I played WoW for 10 years as a healer but no matter what class I played things got stagnant all-around but instead of clogging the forums with complaints about it I realized I outgrew it and moved on. One thing I learned from WoW about games, and Blizzard specifically, is that changes like this are going to happen and aren’t going to please everyone. Maybe that’s why I have a better time coping with changes in OW with some people. Or maybe it’s just because I’m older.

Yeah, that’s why you can play as 27 other characters. You personally do not find Mercy fun anymore, but other people do. If your enjoyment was taken out of a single character, try the others. You can still contribute, and use much more skill in the process of playing any other hero except Mercy.

Take me for example:

-Rein was a fun main
-Rein isn’t fun anymore with the overwhelming cc
-I went back to my old main Junkrat
-Had fun again

Your level of fun in a character is not the deciding factor on their stance

I play other ones? I used to play Junkrat. Totally ruined by the grenade size nerf. So I started playing Hanzo instead.

Everyone’s had their hero ruined at this point, because every hero has been ruined. I mean, I played Sym 2.0, heroes don’t get more deleted than that. You just need to adapt.

It’s also possible that maybe Mercy 2.0 is fine, but no longer appeals to your specific tastes. I like her better than Mercy 1.0, although I really dislike both.

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I beg to differ, I still play :wink:
I was Mercy main at first, but when nerfs came, I started maining