Fine, Mercy is balanced

She’s still boring.

That kinda invalidates anything else. Yes, being balanced and viable is important. But no matter how balanced and viable a video game character is, there’s no point in playing them if they’re not fun.

Remember fun? The reason any of us play video games in the first place?


I agree. However, Blizz has shown they don’t know how to make her fun and balanced. A balanced Mercy means she’s boring to most players.

A fun Mercy is broken beyond belief and isn’t balanced. Idk how they can accomplish both simultaneously.


Yup lets also just do away with many tanks and heals because they’re simply not as fun as dps…

Let’s also change the name of the game to counter strike while we’re at it


Mercy used to be fun and balanced before they reworked her…

And yeah, she did need a rework - Just not the one we got. There were plenty of ways to remedy the gameplay issues with old Mercy’s kit without gutting her fun factor.

Titanium came up with a good rework of old Mercy’s kit (check under the “A Solution” dropdown):


They could hire a competent balance team.


I played Mercy today (in Silver) and it was really engaging. Paired with an Ana to keep tanks up. Between juggling DPS and helping catch up tanks it was far from boring.

Mananging everyone was a lot of work actually because I needed to watch everyones health even the Ana


Not necessarily. Back in Valkyrie 1.0, nobody thought it was fun. Even Mercy mains didn’t like it because dps mains were taking mercy and going full battle mercy, and it was working.


that’s an Oxymorons.

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But she is fun! At least as fun as she’s always been. If you don’t find Mercy fun, play a different hero. If you don’t enjoy her now, you’re never going to enjoy her play style.


There’s a point where doing that becomes instinctive… then what? What else is there to do?

I have played other heroes. It hasn’t made me any less uspset that the hero I used to have fun with isn’t fun anymore. The rework has crashed Mercy’s skill ceiling into her floor. Low skill ceilings are boring.

I mained Mercy prior to her rework. She’s an entirely different creature now.


Oh really? That’s a tall statement considering that I already have enjoyed her playstyle in the past.


I see that someone is taking quotes out of context.

Blizzard went and took a sledgehammer to something that only needed a little tape to fix. If your roof is leaking, you want the roof fixers to fix the leak. Not rip off your roof, replace it with something made out of straw and ignore your repeated calls trying to get them to fix what they wrecked.


Honestly, I think Mercy is just inherently boring. You wouldn’t suck the fun out of most heroes by changing their ults. If you gave Ana some other ult, even a lame one, she’d still be almost as fun to play. Same with Moira or Lucio. With Mercy changing the ult ruined the fun people were having, and I think the reason is her base playstyle really isn’t very fun.

Other healers have a lot more to do - Ana, Lucio, and Zenyatta are constantly shooting, Lucio also has his complex movement, and Moira has to constantly juggle attacking and healing. Most of them also have a lot of abilities to use. Brigitte has an aggressive playstyle that requires a lot of risk taking. With Mercy, there is an awful lot of unengaging beaming. Sure, you have to switch damage boost and heal, but that’s pretty easy to figure out (generally, if healing partner injured, heal, else damage boost). She has her movement, which is probably the high point of her design fun-wise, but that’s largely it. Without a big flashy ult to inject some color, Mercy mains are just starting to see the deficiencies inherent in her design, which are the reason everyone else has been calling her boring all along.


I don’t find her boring, but the forum community needs to make up their minds on if she’s balanced and not fun or underpowered. I hear one of these two or even both from the same people


What made pre-rework Mercy fun was the fact that she was a playmaker, constantly switching targets to save, and Guardian Angel. Now the rework took that away and the only thing that’s left is Guardian Angel due to how Valk kinda just removes anything she had pre-rework.

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You know what? I respect that you think she’s boring. I disagree, but I respect your opinion.

Personally, it took a long time to adjust to how she plays now. And yes. She definitley does play more aggressive now. But I think she’s fine where she is.

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Unless you are ulting, she’s basically the same as she used to be, except with another option (e-rez).

You use to have to swap between multiple targets, GA around the battlefield to hold your ground against enemies. Valk just kinda removes that and basically puts you in spectator mode, because you don’t even need ults to kill her allies through her healing beam at this point.

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That’s just the ult, though. You spend most of the match out of your ult.

Also, most things that would kill you through a 50 hp/s pocket would have also killed you through a 60 hp/s pocket.


Jugging is a must with Mercy now. since you cannot pocket a tank and sit back.

she is now a secondary healer to Ana and she needs to top off what ana is working on. Heal Dps and top off tanks while keeping the other healer alive. In my Elo it was a lot of work to keep everyone going even with an Ana

Played her on Eichenwilde QP on both attack and defense. On attack we made it through all 3 points. It was a chore to fly around healing while ana stayed back poke healing. Because I had to keep her alive too

On Defense we held the enemy to the first point, they never got a single tick.

While her healing went down for now it seems you need to do a lot more than before to get the same results

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