Finally some buffs for Lucio!


Road is fine. He has an higher picker than Winston


no winston buffs whats the point


Still higher than Orisa


no orisa buffs whats the point


Still higher than Sombra


no sombra nerfs whats the point


Still higher than Bastion


still no roadhog buffs im quitting the game


I’d like if him and fed less ult charge


Because I have a 60%+ winrate on Lucio after 14 hours this Season at a Masters level and a 20%ish winrate on Zen?


That’s extreme anecdotal evidence.
Zenyatta will be meta flat out, and always will be.


I just gave you why I personally choose Lucio over Zen. I perform at a high level and win often on one, and am trash at the other.

Of course its anecdotal. It didn’t serve as evidence for anyone else to pick him.

It is merely why I do.


what happened with lucio, What did i miss fam?

“roadhog, a non situational character, is fine in comparison to this hyper situational character that’s only situation where he is viable now has a hard counter to it. So therefore a character that ultimately has no situations to be viable in is a good character to compare any hero to make them seem balanced.”

Im sorry but thats a kinda bad. any character looks good when you compare them to the worst one in their class.
Compare mccree to bastion and you’ll say “oh MCCREE IS FINE. See, he has a higher pickrate than bastion.”


I plays a lot of Road he is my third most played character. Hanzo and Bridg are the issue I have when I play him they just r… me. Nerf Hanzo and Road will be fine


So team work is OP. Covering your team mates weakness should be nerfed?


Lucio then proceeded to receive a gorillion indirect nerfs


I say make hanzo have reverse damage fall off.

Make it so the closer he is to someone, the less damage his primary fire does.

also make storm arrows do like 30 damage instead of 60.

Also where are these support changes at, can you link me them fam?


here you go


ty fam


thanks fam