Finally McCree got buffed


Peacekeeper - Minimum damage at max range increased from 30% to 50%.
Oh my god i can’t believe it. Finally.


The only good news…


I mean… it’s a start?? This is incredibly minuscule though.


I disagree

Most of what makes McCree less viable is his range limitations.

This 30-50% bump actually makes his curve look smoother, which means he loses less damage over distance, and has more damage at max distance.

Its quite big, imo.


where can I read about this change?


Oh, wow, hard to believe they actually gave him a real buff. Like, really hard. I actually do not even believe you despite the fact that you have no reason to lie. I guess I can finally play him again!




Hm, I guess I just don’t see the value if he’s dead and countered by everything all the time.



He does not get countered by everything, that’s a silly statement.


Wow, exactly what I wanted. Thanks blizzard! @_@


I just made a post asking for this exact buff I love my life


The last time McCree had his range buffed, he was deemed OP so we’ll see. Maybe this is the only way to make him viable against the other snipers.


LOL. Feelsgoodman.
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This… this is truly the best thing to come out of today… OMG… get ready to DIE Pharahs mwahahahaha :smiling_imp:


He didn’t get his range improved. They increased his minimum damage.

He’s still best at close/medium range - he’s just doesn’t tickle people past 35m anymore.

He needs to land 3 headshots in a row to kill someone at max range - where the target’s head is already really small. I think that it’s reasonably balanced.


He still has extreme fall off @21m. this change is a tiny buff against snipers and pharah, thats all. dont get so excited, you will notice he is not really stronger in game. Given the fact that headshots are extremely rare so far, he can deal 35hp dmg instead of 20hp.


Well it’s better than nothing isn’t it?


Ah I see, I misread. Sounds good though, I can’t tell you how many times I hit a Pharah in the sky but she just wouldn’t die because I was only doing like 21(?) damage or something.


McCree’s long range damage is now 35. This means he can down any base health hero in a single mag. This USED to be the case, but during “McSniper week”, his long range damage was reduced to the current 20 in exchange for a range of 32. Considering the name, it was dropped to 22m (up from 18, so still a buff to range), but the damage drop off stuck. This is part of an overall buff mid range heroes like McCree, 76, Bastion (same improved properties), and Mei (damage drop off was REMOVED!), since mid range heroes began struggling, while close (Tracer namely) and Long ranged heroes dominate.

Also new off tank.