Finally decided to get OW with the humble bundle deal


The 2-2-2 method, try to have a good grasp on 2 heroes from each catagory, tanks, dps and support.


if the giant space dragons make you angry don’t worry you’ll get used to them


Ok gonna try to reply to everyone, thanks for the feedback! Seems like a great community haha

Thanks mate, the lack of map knowledge is letting me down so that’s a great point actually :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah the ultimates is something i’ve never encountered for in a game and I didn’t know they had sound cues so thanks again!

I had to google what filling is and I’m gonna assume this is an issue for comp games more than qp eh? But I can imagine team comp being more important when I advance. The funny thing is that i will most likely be a healer/tank main from what I’ve played so far, namely Moira and Reinhardt.

I am having fun! Yeah great tip, I’ve been trying out a few and like I said, I really enjoy support/tank right now. The only dmg character i’ve liked so far is junkrat. But I guess I have time to force myself to give some of the trickier characters a go.

I need to try out arcade mode overall haha but it’s nice knowing it can be useful for practising. Yeah I found overwatch central, your overwatch, unit lost and ragg tagg so far. I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Oh thanks for that resource! greatly appreciated

Yeah the forums seems scary, bit daunting as a newcomer tbh.

I do want to play comp but I guess you’re right, if I’m not ready at lvl 25, I should keep practising.

  1. I turned that annoying thing off after one game :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I don’t have friends but I plan on playing alone until i get my rank anyway and yes I totally agree
  3. Yeah I got destroyed by a high level Tracer, so it was a valuable lesson that this game has so much depth.
  4. Like I said, it’s scary but everyone here has been great so maybe we all aren’t so bad

So far Reinhardt, Moira, Lucio, Winston, Dva, Roadhog and Brigitte have all appealed to me :slight_smile:

LFG seems so dead at my level but I intend on using it after I do placements :slight_smile:

I suck at Doomfist so far but Brigitte seemed so easy and fun to pick up so I’ll probably play her quite a bit

Yeah that’s true, I want to play comp so I shouldn’t do placements until I’m actually confident haha

I like the idea of ranking systems and climbing so I might try it when I’m ready.

I have a feeling your words will come back to me when I start playing comp :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh I don’t even understand why people are complaining on the forums but I probably will soon since this game is so addictive.

Tried mercy, she seemed so boring. I prefer Moira/Lucio/Brig who can at least do other things other than heal.

Didn’t even know my profile was private, guess I’ll change that.

I will have fun and I will probably only play characters i’m confident with no matter what :slight_smile:

So far I like tanks and healers but I guess I should try harder on Junkrat and some other damage hero.

Space dragons? I don’t get it haha

Thanks everyone for being so welcoming, I will probably post my progress in the future!


Fixed that for you…


I might be, but I speak the truth


Hello Vegan and welcome to Overwatch and welcome to the Overwatch forums. Most of the advice here is very sound. As a bit of shameless plug, if you are looking to make sure you enjoy Overwatch with minimal technical issue and the best possible FPS, I maintain a guide in the technical support forum that is worth a read if you have time.

In the unlikely event that you should find yourself having severe technical issues be sure to post in the technical support forum, players like myself will try to lend a hand there. Cheers! (^^)v


Why? I always keep skirmish on.


KarQ tips for every hero series, Skyline and ioStux all make general and well made guides that I would highly recommend.
And if your interested you can search for hero specific vod reviews.


Learn the layout of quickplay/competitive maps in a custom game, because there are so many maps in the game now it will take ages to learn them all. Learn what each heroes ultimate sounds like, because its VERY important. (Allied Bastion,Reinhardt and Torbjorn’s do not have voice lines!)


this is very bad advise. esp to a lvl 6 player, filling can actually give a new player a good grasp of the game esp because they don’t know much what is the best to do. Only after a while can one decide to specialize.

just to further prove this type of reasoning is kinda flawed, i ask, what if this person is playing the only other tank?

Stop passing toxic behavior to new players.


lol i too don’t skirmish, haven’t done so in over a year.


Have an awesome time.

Don’t worry about results, try your hardest though.

There is plenty of fun to be had for weekend warriors who will never make the pros.


As a seasoned player, I have no idea what I’m doing.


Try to learn 1 hero from each category. I recommend Rein, Lucio, and Reaper. They’re all pretty new player friendly.


Hey guys,

Figured I’ll update you all.

First of all, thanks for all your tips!

I placed at 2343 (or around there) and then proceeded to climb to 2536. Unfortunately, my naivety and lack of experience showed and I dropped straight down to around 2300. I’m currently at 2470 but I think I’m clearly not cut out for competing at platinum haha

My issue is that I don’t have a wide enough hero pool, at this level I really only feel comfortable on Moira and Brigitte. I can pull of DVA, Rein and Winston but I always feel like my team mates can tank way better than me.

So what should I do? Take the SR hit and practice multiple heroes? Continue climbing with Moira and Brig? or maybe I should become a full healer main and learn the other supports.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Also, people have accused me of being a smurf lol


Play heroes you are uncomfortable with for hours on end in QP will teach a lot about the hero. Go into the game with the mentality of learning instead of winning because odds are you will lose a lot of games.

If a particular hero is giving you lots of trouble as an opponent, play that hero until you learn the abilities so you get better at working around them when playing against them.

  • don’t come back to these forums if u wanna enjoy the game.


I tried on QP but it’s not exactly a good setting for serious practise outside of learning the hero’s mechanics. Good advice on learning how to play characters I have trouble with, without a doubt, Mei is the worst character for me haha


Honestly considering how long you have been playing getting to plat is impressive


I would ask why but I think I get your point haha

The topics I see when I log in, I admit are beyond me but it just seems like people are complaining non stop

Really? Thanks! I guess my experience playing other games helped plus I play “easy” heroes haha