FINALLY! Balance choices in the RIGHT direction!


I am so happy to see the support changes. Its pretty much everything Ive (we’ve) been asking for.

It’s finally happening!

All of the changes posted:

…are a MASSIVELY POSITIVE change for Overwatch.

I still think some of those supports need more work but overall… 10/10

Just throwing it out there that even EeveeA says these changes are positive

Am I in the twilight zone? Maybe they did listen to you.

I still think Tracer needs a nerf, especially with the healing changes and McCree needs a buff.


Only time will tell, let’s do this people❤️


Amen! I seriously can not WAIT for this to go live. Mercy nerf is so AWESOME!!!


The Mercy nerf won’t fix her being a popular choice. It wasn’t an issue before the rework. Resurrect being moved to an E ability freely given every 30 seconds is her problem. Valkyrie’s now going to be even more of a joke than it already is, even a Winston can out damage the healing during Valkyrie. The competence of the balancing team is debatable, especially when it’s very clear that they didn’t read a single bit of feedback over the many megathreads we’ve had for around a year.


You really think nerfing Mercy’s healing is the right direction?

Nope, it’s not. And why I say that is because she’s still going to be a must pick because that is not why she is a must pick. It’s her free no-investment or skill required revive on a 30 second cooldown.

It needs to be earned or have a torbjorn like armor resource requirement. Leaving it as it is just is bad.

Mercy can heal for 30hp/s and we’d still probably take her but we’d run triple support. Because that revive is just that good.


Mercy’s healing output wasn’t the problem. It’s her ultimate being a cooldown ability. She’ll NEVER be balanced as long as Rez is on a static cooldown. This is just like earlier this year, when people were bleeting “hur dur the witch is dead”, only to show that nothing changed at all.

But what do we Mercy players know? :)


I’m so happy. I saw all the crying Mercy threads and thought, oh great just another patch that nerfs her without addressing any of the other supports core issues…

BUT THEN I SAW THE PINNED THREAD. I’m unrealistically happy with this!


Im sorry but I am also a Mercy player and 100%, 60HPS was a MASSIVE problem for the game. It 100% needed to be nerfed and this will cause a big change for everyone because all the other supports got minor tweaks as well.

You will see a little less Mercy now, but YES she will still be strong. She is suppose to be strong. Res as an ability wasn’t the best change ever, and I think it should be earned and not on cooldown, but regardless, the HPS on Mercy NEEDED a nerf


all this will do is make Mercy and Zen the go to combo in Comp

Mercy still has Rez on 30 second cooldown :smile: Yippie
Zen can help her heal and still has discord

Really these changes look good but will not really change anything




Why mercy need a nerf ??? I thought she had been nerf 3 to 4 times this year ??? Why blizzard will nerf her again ??? How does this even make sense by buffing moira ??? For your information , moira is the best support in current meta and she is healing more than mercy does !


It’s a pointless nerf. People don’t pick Mercy for her heals, they pick her for a free kill undone every 30 seconds. She’ll still be a must-pick as long as Rez is on a cooldown.


I know but i like how some feel this will change something


LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Literally the funniest thing Ive read on the forums.


Your brigitte suggestion was pure junk tbh


Nope, those totally weren’t very common suggestions.

It was all you. Thanks i guess?


Son, if it was healing they were after, they have other options. Mercy’s value is Rez on a cooldown. Consistent heals are good, yeah, but she’s a must-pick because of cooldown Rez. Don’t pretend you don’t know this.


Thats your opinions. Shield Bash needed to have the cooldown increased.

I didn’t say it was all me. Im just saying Ive literally asked for every single thing they posted and Im happy that those changes are finally happening but if you want to give me credit, thats cool


sadly mercy will still be top tier because blizzard refuses to listen…