Final fantasy X 2026

Had to share and ffx players will be happy to this post. I read the ffx -3 has been done so i think we will get it soon.

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that is if square lasts that long

FFXIV can sustain them for a long time.

Unlike WoW, it was made future proofed.


then hwo are they hurting on things from what has been reported

Its mostly bad non-FF projects what has damaged them. But they are still faaaar from bankruptcy or dissolution.

FFXIV is basically the best game on its entire sub-genre and one of the best overall RPGs of the last decade. Squeenix isnt really going anywhere.


FF7 remake is making so much $$$ and square knows the remake’s will sell.
Ff15 and 16 i so hated.
I would like a new FF story to compete woth 7 and X which probably wont happen.

FFX i love Rikku “ya know” (if not familiar she says that so much)

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Which was funded by FFXIV’s success.

That is already FFXIV.


Watch them drip feed the story for more cash like they did with VII

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You know she’s 13 in that game?

Then in X-2 she’s like 17.

Japanese games be crazy.

Like they even give a whole half-baked striptease to her by the moonflow lol.

These people that haven’t played the MSQ just don’t understand. :pensive:

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SQENIX isn’t going anywhere :skull::skull::skull:

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FFXVI wasn’t even a bad game and the story was done well unlike FFXV that had to have DLC expansions, animated series, cgi movie, and a book to flesh it out

FF7 remake was so bad. I was laughing out loud at how stupid the ending was. Fan service trash. Made no sense to be fighting Sephiroth.

FF16, the first M rated FF with gameplay designed for 5 year olds.

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Do you have a source?

And 2 year old children are 3000 year old vampire/demon/angel/god.

That’s always an interesting dilemma in any kind of fantasy that it’s presented in. I remember people freaking out over Claudia in Interview with the Vampire (and I mean the book even before the movie).

dont remind me about ffxv im still pissed we didnt get all the dlc that was originally promised like the lunafreya and aranea dlc

Enix will probably drop Legend Of Dragoon remake soon too.

I never understood why LOD was ledt behind.