Few balancing changes I think need to happen

1.pharahs hitbox needs to be increased slightly, with a mercy pocket on phara and being the single hitscan on the team it is nearly impossible to deal with her before she kills you and even with two hitscans the pharmacy steam rolls as long as she knows what she’s doing, her hitbox should be increased slightly

  1. Hammond shouldn’t be able to hold his grapple infinitely it should break off after 4 seconds and restart his cool down until he can use it again, it’s sad that if your team has no cc you could roll through their team get a team kill and be .001 m away from winning but if ball touches your screwed no cc and he is impossible to deal with until his team groups up and wins the game all because ball is literally just used to stall half the time, I wouldn’t mind a buff if they made this change as well but he shouldn’t be able to spin in circles infinitely

  2. Slight decrease on sombras gun, wether it be a small clip size drop or dmg range drop the fact is you don’t even have to fire your gun to carry as sombra considering her kit is so good as is and then add the fact she can 1 clip any dps or support with extra bullets left over when you can’t even do that on tracer is ridiculous

  3. Genji I dislike the new nerf in which his attack speed was decreased instead they should have kept the buffs except revert the dmg spread, half the genji i go against aren’t even aiming at me it’s just that his spread is so small that all you have to do is even be close to the character and you’ll still hit him, do this and bring attack speed back down and dmg up and I think he’ll be much better

5.brigs rally is too powerful I think for the most part brig herself isn’t as bad as people make her out to be but her rally is definitely op it’s basically beat on steroids it lasts ten seconds and then any armor still left over stays for another 20 which is ridiculous not sure how to fix this one but rally definitely needs a nerf tbh I’d just prefer less armor given more range of rally and speed boost within that range so it less of a defensive ult and more of a aggressive last push

  1. Sigma is the most broken tank and maybe character in the game he has way to much sustain especially if combined with Orissa or rein his eat ability cool down should be increased, less range on his rock and less range on his basic attack also decrease his shield by 150 to 750

  2. Mercy healing is a little to good right now I think that her res ability should res a character with only half their normal health making it more difficult to get a good solid res off on a tank make it so directly after res even if the revive is completely complete and the player being revived hasn’t taken control yet he can be healed during that time this way if mercy revived in abad spot this means she had to stay to heal the revived character likely getting herself and the revived played killed

  3. Ashe is just ridiculous as a dps 15 bullets is too much to put in her gun she can actually get and entire six k with just her gun and a mercy pocket and maybe some dinamite, her clips size should go back to 12 and dinamite shouldn’t do enough dmg that all she has to do is body shot and dinamite and your dead overall her dinamite should have only do 100 dmg max not bring you down to 60 health as a 200 hp character

I’d like to point out these opinions are coming from a top 500 support (ana and lucio main). Master tank (rein, zarya, hog main). Dps mid diamond( mccree, soldier, tracer, doomfist main)

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Assuming this isn’t trolling, Tracer does 240 DPS (body shots) at close range and Mercy does 55 heals per second. There is no way that Mercy was out-healing your damage unless you were much further away or missing almost all your shots.


But, that would mean that she would need a Mercy to even be viable.

This made me think that you were trolling or on a high SR. It was the later.

That change would just hurt the majority of the Sombra player to save the 1% that have to fight against one with really good aim… I don’t like it.

Make it 8 seconds (same max armour as now) and the armour starts to decay 5 seconds after the ult ends.

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When you say it hurts the majority of sombra players I understand what your saulying but the game should be balanced for the highest level of play and let the changes trickle down into lower ranks of a sombra doesn’t have good aim then it doesn’t really matter much cause as I said she can still carry without even firing her gun all she has to do is hack

Instead the hitscan trying to kill pharah should be pocket by a mercy as well. No hitbox changes needed.

I think you guys are overestimating my phara change I’m not saying make her as big as Reinhardt but her hitbox is a little small echo has a bigger hitbox and has to play much closer to get any value while phara can shoot you but across the entire map not rocket drop her hitbox just need to be bigger by a little bit or at least her head box

For the first change… I understand that it’s meant to be a minor hit box change, but I’d still say no to it. I don’t think a solo hit scan should be able to win against a Pharmercy unless the hitscan player is considerably better than the Pharah player.

In a fair fight (2v2) the Pharmercy is shut down very quickly. Hitscan against Pharah is one of the stronger hard counters in the game.

If they were going to touch Pharah at all I’d expect a buff because both Pharah and Mercy aren’t doing super hot right now (they aren’t bad… just not really great and they struggle to fit into team comps more than other dps and supports).

I definitely disagree with that just my opinion as I’ve said I’m in top 500 for support and honestly imo every single dps and healer(except zen) can fit fine into a comp the only hard stcuk roles seem to be tank if your team is running off meta but the other team runs Orissa sigma it’s a automatic L most the time but as far as dps go phara is still at the very least mid tier and mercy is the third best healer imo