Fetal position Junkrat

I think accesories are kinda hmmm so let’s try making interesting ones

My suggestion is a small, naked Junkrat in the fetal position with his eyes closed. I think being able to present this to other players would generate insane profits hopefully funding more artistically naked Overwatch. Imagine the possibilities: YOU could help fund an emote where Mercy takes off her shoes and creates world peace as everyone absorbs the stank lines



How are you trust level three I’m curious

The hell is trust level

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Forum level thay allows you to post images

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I’m extremely trustworthy even though I get in trouble monthly they should give me that privelege so I can bring peace and happiness to all, and definitely not my obscure fan art

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I see you haven’t changed even with this game’s new coat of paint. God speed, brother of mine.

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