Femboy Hero -- Overwatch Hero

Uhh that’s a slippery slope, do you want to have 300 heroes? There’s so many bases they’d have to cover

You could always practice acceptance of the art team to create compelling and interesting characters on their own without consulting a diversity checklist :smile:

It’s…it’s just a game, they aren’t preventing anyone from living a certain way, it’s just entertainment friend

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When i read all this nonsense here i’m not surprised that the rates for Suicide, Depression and Anxiety never were higher than now.

Especially with this ‘‘if you don’t agree with me than you’re XY’’ bs.

I already stopped watching movies and sold my TV, because i’m tired of this agenda and now they go after games. smh

i forgot why i bookmarked this but i think it was because of


i would gladly take more fanservice skins, especially for mercy
i said it before but
i wish paladins was as polished as overwatch and i wish overwatch gave us as much fanservice as paladins
when i downloaded paladins and played it for the first time, i tried a few characters, sure, but i also started playing and simping for seris the most because i think she’s beautiful. and before anybody calls me a neckbeard, i’m a 19 y/o girl in a relationship. i just really like beautiful women :sparkles: especially with curves

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if you didn’t care then why comment

Why? So femboys can relate to a character or something??

A “femboy” is a compound of Feminine and Boy. A feminine boy.

A boy who identifies as a boy.

People that believe they aren’t born in the correct body (transgender) do not think that way.

That situation would be a male that identifies as a female.

Perhaps Junker Queen is actually male!!

Let’s be real, all this will result in is a buttload of trap smut which in turn will result in page after page of crying over how objectified he/she/it/they/zim/zer/zibbledeebop is.

It would only be fair. :relieved:

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You mean like how most of the female characters are fan servise?

Honestly I would love a twink from Junkertown support. Steampunk with like, gyros or something.

Wait, I just noticed this was necro’d. ADHD can’t read.

Why did you necro this? Lifeweaver ain’t even a femboy.

I have another proposal. A Shonen Hero!

Way too specific.

We dont need every…ahem…people to be represented in a video game.

We dont need to respect that everywhere or else it just looks like a circus.

You gotta accept that in some games/movies/shows you wont have every “gender” represented…because its not revelant or an interesting thing to do.

If you like femboys or are one…good, that should be enough for you.
You shouldnt feel the need to be represented in a video game its really not usefull and at best will create a lot of hate from the majority of people.

Just be yourself and thats all, you dont need to see you represented with pixels.

(Also as someone mentionned if ow had to represent every minority…every gender…every lil differences between people…they would have to give up on their lore and design 100 new characters per month)

Just play the game.
Shoot things.

And voila.

uh evil omnic best friend of zen is way too specific ok

femboy hero is just perfect.

we need a femboy hero for no other reason then to confuse the r34 artists.

Im pretty sure r34 already turned lifeweaver into a femboy somewhere anyways.

He doesnt look like a true male anyway x)

they turn everyone into a trap


he’s tall and hunky, sooooo he has the “true man” card.

Have all the Meka heroes been introduced in Lore yet? They could probably make a Twink Meka support hero if they haven’t.

Doubt anyone would be butthurt about the meka hero being Twink. And I’m sure people wanting a Twink hero would love a support MEKA right? Support Twink version of DVA?

DVA has the cutest voice lines in OW. Might as well make her MEKA teammate the male equivalent of her cuteness. He should be a small person to fit into a smaller mech. So this makes sense in my headcanon.

As manly as a man from a shojo yes

i do not know what a shojo is but hes as manly as dwayne THE ROCK johnson. he’s just so manly that he likes to wear pink