Female looking for nice people to climb with in gold!

I’m currently in gold, but I’m trying to climb! I main Mercy, D.Va, Sombra, and Junkrat, but I am very flexible and can play most characters if needed. I’m usually too scared to talk in voice chat when I’m solo queuing, so I’ve been searching for a team so I can actually communicate with people! I’m trying to play with nice people who support each other. I’d prefer for everyone to be 18+. My psn is kyloquinn1313, so add me on there or comment on here if you are interested! I wish everyone who reads this luck with their future games!!


Im looking for people to climb in gold with too! My user is xxlegionairrexx and I main Dva/Mercy and a bit of Tracer

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Awesome! I just sent you an add request :blush:

You can add my main TheDOPDeity (currently plat) or my alt AskIfIAmaSmurf (the answer is maybe(but actually no(currently gold I think))).

I flex on all roles but main healer, but only cause I suck at that.

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My PSN is Sirmustard I’m in Plat but looking for a regular group I flex can play a couple characters form each group but I mainly play

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I sent you an add request for both accounts!!

Ok I’m on whenever if you will be on tonight

Awesome! I sent you an add request! I should be on, I usually just have it appear as if I am offline, so just shoot me a message whenever!

Ok sounds like a plan

sound like a plan whats your username

my username is kyloquinn1313!!

cool my username is fusiondemon511 can you friend request me

I too am in gold! Tbh I can really only play a couple of characters, mccree and zenyatta. I have a group I like to do quick play with but they’re all in diamond or above. I know I’m pretty limited in my skill set but I’m real nice so shoot me a friend request if you want, jestershack :slight_smile:

You sound great! I sent you an add request :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I look forward to playing with ya! I’m on all the time feel free to invite me if you see me on :slight_smile:

My girlfriend and a friend of mine play on ps4, we’re all ladies but typically stay out of team chat - for anxiety and bc nobody uses it! My career high is 2498 in s3 but I’m currently at 1751. We keep running into leavers and people who don’t want to work as a team. xx I play supports usually, Mercy, Moira, zen. But I have a good sombra and d.va, too. My girlfriend plays zen, zarya, mccree, Lucio, Orisa. Our friend typically sticks with junkrat. My psn is spectrenegade.

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I added you!! All three of you sound wonderful

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also i cant play this weekend

I’m in plat but 99% of teammates don’t use a mic when I solo queue. Feel free to add me: icervantes75

Awesome! I just sent you a request

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