[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

That one should be mandatory to watch for anyone wanting to work/working at Blizzard.

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All this crap is beyond incompetence, it’s straight up pathetic. Hope they fire this guys.


To be honest watching what happening to Brigitte and Hanzo is just entertaining… Like Hanzo just awkward and Brigitte was broke in PTR

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Care to clarify? I like the new Hanzo. And, before you ask, no, I haven’t touched him, yet. Being in matches with him is so much better without the BS that was Scatter.

I’d say, he’s only awkward if you are, just like me, used to hold LMB after every shot. And now you need to release the button while using Storm Arrows xd

Pretty sure she is fun to many people now. And only vocal minority complain here.

Also interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSgA_nK_w3A
This YouTube channel has so much videos on things the Overwatch Team just can’t seem to understand…

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Mercy lost well over half her QP playerbase.



Not gonna lie. Blizzard seems to treat mercy mains like we are a minority

They keep us quiet and we get our own little thread away from everyone else to keep us separate.


However, I was stunned by the answer, could articulate it better to explain their motivations. It is not respectful towards us. A dry NO in practice. I did not pretend that they were right, but motivating their choices, explaining them, would have been normal and fair, if we have written 30,000 posts in these months, it means that we are a lot of their customers.
Really disappointed the way they answered, it also seems rude

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Hmm I gave him a go, I’m by no means a Hanzo main but the changes just feels weird because it like a complete 180 to the way he originally played.

Like with the scatter Arrow it was a matter of predict and dodge when you approach him, but with current Hanzo it like on paper should be strong but when you play him it feels underwhelming

To repeat myself - out of necessity.
Lets say my team is on def,my 2nd support picks Symmetra or Zen,Im pretty much forced to go Mercy to give my team a chance of winning,wether I want to play her or not.
She is still the easiest and most reliable healer to play.

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And remember: Jeff answered in a different thread which later was thrown to the megatrash xd

And that’s his second time. On old forums he kinda answered the Mercy question in a thread mostly about Junkrat.


Different opinion causes a glitch in the matrix?
She doesnt have an ulti,an attempt at rez usually equals suicide,the only pay-off being reliable healing.

who cares about qp, honestly

Also, I’d like to discuss with someone who still genuine like playing Mercy regardless everything and is still having fun.

But genuine, not in sense “I will say Mercy is fine to mock Mercy mains”.

Basically it’s more and more Arcade.

current hanzo is amazing. Far better than he ever was.

Nope. He once answered a Mercy question on a Gengi thread

Guess I missed that. So… third time?

I’ll just go ahead and hope for this. Maybe that would get the message through.