[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018


Don’t forget this part:

This isn’t a case of ‘silencing the playerbase’, comments and feedback are constantly being read and heard. However, that doesn’t mean that the team has to agree with those sentiments.

Does Mercy provide enough healing for that sick burn or what


Yay, it’s our flying dutchman thread. The ghost-thread that appears mysteriously from nowhere and then disappears after it claimed its victims… spooky


Hey everyone before the thread is locked again : [Feedback Thread Continued Part IV] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018


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Ah. Well I’m saying buffing Ana and nerfing Mercy was what was needed.

I think just the Ana buff was fine.
But then again, I go back and forth on whether the mercy nerf was a good thing or not. I’m actually quite torn.


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Reserving a spot. Characters.

OK now that I have a spot - devs, when will you realize your mistakes? With Mercy, with Roadhog, with Symmetra and with Bastion? When will you stop silencing perfectly valid criticism and concerns, whilst latching onto any praise you find?

Doesn’t add up.


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