[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018


Is this idea good:


Resurrect reverted back to an ultimate


  • Resurrect (up to five people) has a .8 second cast time.
  • Requires LOS to use resurrect (e.g can’t use resurrect through walls).
  • Charge rate slightly decreased.
  • If you stop using your main functions as mercy, whether it be healing or damage boosting, for a certain amount of time, resurrect’s ult charge will decay very slowly.
  • Invulnerable after using resurrect for 1.75 seconds [Mercy Only]. Teammates will receive 80% less damage when resurrected.


  • 5-second ability that lets you fly and splits the healing/damage boost beam into 2 (healing/damage boost rate is not changed). [To visualize it; When you use your beam on a teammate, another beam comes out of that teammate and locks onto a teammate that needs healing]

  • 15 second CD.

  • regen rate increased to 25HP per second.


  • Keep bunny hop.
OP: Feel free to call out any inconsistencies or make your own suggestions 😀


Is my idea ideal?

  • I think the cast time is too long for the ultimate, she’ll most likely get killed 70% of the time. Perhaps consider lowering it to 1.50 seconds?
  • though I understand that Valkyrie has been reduced to two chains, I don’t see it working it for a couple reasons.
  1. How can you select who gets healed? Is the second beam just attached to the closest person? This seems inconsistent as the beam could just latch onto a full health target instead of someone needing healing.
  2. multi-beam itself (especially as an ability) will make Mercy too powerful as she has the most consistent single target healing and doesn’t need aoe on top of it.

This is why I’ve previously proposed:

E ability

  • Mercy’s hps is increased to 70.
  • Mercy’s target is granted immunity to any form of stun.
  • 5 second duration, 12 second cooldown.

But I really like the rest though!


I think 1.75s of cast time is too long.
It will more or less make any attempt to revive 3+ players impossible.
I understand that the objective of this would be to discourage hide and rez, and to encourage more engaging gameplay, but it shouldn’t make every 5 man rez literally impossble, and 1.75 it way too long when you are potentially 1v6.
I’d make it more around .8s (Lucio/Rein), or even 1s max.

As already said before, I don’t like the idea of an ult decay, unless it is applied to every ult. A player should be rewarded for charging his ult. And creating an exception to a single hero, especially Mercy, who already had too many exceptions, is just going to create more inconsistency.

I don’t know why you removed the invulnerability.
While I don’t think it does a massive difference, it can feel unfair to the resurrected player to be potentially killed before he can even act.

20hps was enough imo. I don’t want her to become an unkillable monster every time she uses her basic ability.

Everything else looks fine to me :slightly_smiling_face:


Kinda like a chain. You put your beam on one hero then the beam joins to another hero. The second beam only connects to allies that need healing.


Can’t stop the nerfing…just nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf…


Charge decay in an Ultimate ability, in one Ultimate ability, is very inconsistent and should be avoided.
It also has some problems, like many times you won’t have something to do, for example if the teams are regrouping. The best Mercy player would lose Ult charge and that would overall feel bad for the player.

Decreasing the charge rate on Mass Res is also not the best idea. Lower charge rate means more ress, means more headache for the enemy team and that is not very good as the current version of Mercy shows.

LOS only for solid objects. Shields would just kill Mercy’s Ult.

A cast time is okay as long as she has no movement penalties. But the cast time is far to long. 0.6-1.25 is a acceptable window more or less is too much or pointless.
Think of it like that: Reinhardt has a cast (on the ground) of 0.6s and he get’s a lot.

Resurrected teammates should be Invulnerable, because of reorientation. For Mercy something like a healing burst would be enough.

Scrap Valkyrie. It only would cause the same issues as it does now.

The bunny hop is cool.


People complained about how hard it is to kill resurrected players. I personally don’t have a problem with invulnerability for everyone. Just trying to please everyone :confused:


I can’t believe they did it.
There’s no words to explain.
It’s just mindblowing how awful this balance decision is.


I don’t even know what to say anymore. **** Valkyrie, really. The only reason why they do that is that ***** Ult.


I…wake up to see that Mercy’s beam is gonna get nerfed.




Yesterday I vented my frustration in this thread, the next day I come home to find a great Mercy nerf and actually reasonable support buffs. THANK YOU.


Looks like they ran out of nerfing ideas so now they are attacking the base kit…just wow… :angry: :disappointed: :unamused:


Pour some out for mercy! blizzard and the overwatch team building us all such a nice grave.


Hey look, another Mercy change that still doesn’t address the real issue with her current kit. Can we please admit that the rework was a total failure at this point and just revert her?


Never they’ll never admit defeat


The amount of disrespect shown by the devs is absolutely appalling. This clearly shows where their priorities are, and who they listen to.

Thanks, but this latest nerf proves otherwise.

Well, this is the final straw to me uninstalling the game. What a shame, I was looking forward to the summer games. I’ll be back if you guys fix her.


Yo, just came here to see the action and find out how everyone is feeling.

I’m guessing it’s about to get messy👌

Anyone need anything, I’m here🤗


Such a shame. It feels like we have been lied to. Literally lied to.

They listen to our feedback?? Absolute BS. And mark my words, this won’t be the last Mercy nerf.

So dissatisfied with the way Blizz is handling this. :rage:

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