Feedback - Baptiste and upcoming patch

Baptiste feels pretty good it will take a while to get the hang of him. The one suggestion I have is increasing the splash radius for his healing grenade to 4 meters to match Ana’s biotic grenade radius. Right now the current 3 meters just feels a little small.

I know the grenades not doing self heal was so he wasn’t some unkillable support. But at least give him self heal from the grenades at a reduced rate like 50%. So if you do decide to heal yourself you’re taking time and burning through ammo to do so. I know he has his regen burst but that’s on a 15 second cooldown.

I would also like to see a change for his Exo boots. Either allow them to charge while in motion or make it so holding forward gives you more forward momentum during the jump. Right now his jump is pretty much only good for gaining high ground and not for mobility. When I’m using his exo boots I have the instinct to use it like Winston’s leap or Junkrat’s mine but I only get vertical mobility from it and not horizontal. Altogether it just feels a little clunky to me and like it’s missing something.

The change is nice but you guys really need to revert the projectile size nerf. Plenty of people have reported this already but with the nerf came an increase occurrence of a bug where Junkrats grenades phase/ghost through enemies and do no damage. It was a rare issue before his nerf which became more common after it. As compensation you could give him an increased ultimate charge cost. Which is something lots of people suggested before.

I don’t play him so I can’t comment.

It’s a nice change people will have less time to hide from his ult now. And it reduces some of the risk of using ult with McCree since you don’t have to stand still as long.

It’s a good change it’s actually the same number I suggested for his lifesteal a long time ago. Now he just needs changes for his movement abilities particularly shadow step.

It’s a start but you need to give her the same range as Zarya for her primary fire. It would also be great to see the cooldown on her turrets reduced to at least 7 seconds each instead of 10. Also a 25-50 increase in her health pool either with normal health or with her shields. Her teleporter needs a range increase and a duration increase, and a faster deploy time with an increased interaction radius.

No idea why this change was even needed. And it would be nice to know how this effects her through the different energy levels.

This change I can live with but I don’t see why it was needed. But since his discord has been nerfed I would love to see Zenyatta be able to deploy orb of discord/harmony on up to 2-3 enemies/allies at a time. If you need to drop his discord to 20% and raise the damage on his orb of destruction again then so be it. This is a change I’ve wanted for Zenyatta for a long time and makes sense to me. It would bring him more out of the secondary/off healer category and more into the primary healer category.

Before anyone accuses me of being a Zen main I only have this much play time because of his rapid discord achievement which I believe is bugged. Also this profile avatar is the only one I like currently until I find something with Black and Green that looks good.