Favorite Map Music?


For about a whole of 5 seconds from the load screen to before you spawn.


Busan and Anubis, Oasis is also good.


I turn the music off because none of it is good




Right now my favorite is the Chateau. If they ever make a map based in Louisiana and give it that good ol’ Bayou style music that will be my favorite

(Bill Warnecke) #28

Oasis is my absolute favorite. Every time it would come on during breaks between Overwatch League games I would turn it way, way up!


The original version was kind of bland, but the newer version with a chorus actually makes it sound like a futuristic city and is great.

Edit:I guess you cant directly reply to OW devs


Watchpoint Gilbraltar, Chateau Guillard, and Busan


The Christmas versions of Blizzard World and King’s Row.


Ayutthaya is pretty good too bad that the map is tied to CTF.

I really like the Thailand vibe that the music gives.


I don’t know what that sounds like since, like most people, I stopped watching OWL a very long time ago. I like the Junkenstein music if that counts.


For me it is Dorado. That tune is just so enjoyable.


Junkertown anyone?


i turn the music off so i can hear footsteps


Oh Bill !
Thank god you’re here. You gotta let me know the song name that played in the backyard (from attack side) of Blizz World - the default map. You know, the song that sounds like a tarvern song !
I love it so much and been asking all around but noone seems to know, you must the my last hope !
Consider yourself my Santa just for this ! Bill ! Do something !
Merry Christmas Bill !


Junkertown map is the best, bar none.

That it was also used in the trailer, and basically serving as the opening theme for both Junkrat and Roadhog makes it even better.


widow’s castle (I cannot spell that castle’s name lol)


Château Guillard is the map’s name. I agree with you on that, gives me an eerie vibe when I hear it.


Its the loading music, not the objective music LOL


I hate Hanamura’s theme the most. That theme is super generic and not how I would imagine Hanamura’s theme sounding. It would be better if it had japanese instruments