Favorite Healers


Hey, guys! Just wondering what your favorite healer to play on a team with is and why. My main is Mercy but I’m curious, if you’re playing a tank or DPS, who you prefer your support to be. Thanks, all!


Zen + lucio + brig. Do I need to say more? : )


I like Mercy, Lucio, Moira, and Ana. In that order.

I used to be a snob and refuse to play Mercy but I’ve gotten back into her after I stopped caring about the politics behind this game as much and just played who was fun.


Zen or Lucio + Mercy for a 2/2/2 comp. However, I absolutely refuse to play Mercy as she’s god awfully boring. Like Reinhardt. He’s nice to have, but I’d rather gently eat glass than play him.


Ok but consider the folowing:

You can yeet across the map and superjump away from your problems. Also you can probably pull off a rez in the middle of a graviton because people are too stupid and slow to stop you.


Consider the following:



Consider the following:



Zen used to be my boi, but I’ve been slacking ever since I became a tank main. Now my favorite healer to play is Moira, the movement and sheer amount of healing to be done is always fun to me.

But before all of that comes Wrecking Ball, because he’s way too much fun to play


I love my boy Lucio. Moira’s fun too. I like playing Zen on occasion, but Lucio and Moira are who I primarily play.


I can get around better and more safely on Lucio or Moira, with a playstyle that’s more engaging than just holding M1 to heal. Mercy is boring. Bottom line.


Easily Mercy. Hands down, and no comparison. My second favorite healer to have on my team is Moira. Those 2 in conjunction is amazing.


I like Mercy best, followed by Moira


Haha. Actually, strangely enough I find her relaxing sometimes aside from when I’m being spammed that a teammate needs healing when they are right in the middle of five enemies and I can’t get to them :joy:


I don’t personally find her to be boring, the movement on her is way more enjoyable than Lucio to me, and the heals are obviously beaten at least in a pinch


Moira. I love her playstyle, being able to defend myself well from flankers, the sheer amount of healing I’m capable of, and watching those who failed to flank me complain about “Moira auto aim”.

It’s too bad I can’t play her often as I climbed the ladder, but Ana is almost just as fun!


She’s one of the best healers in the game. She’s just one dimensional like Reinhardt. If you enjoy either hero, you probably enjoy DMV lines too.


May I ask how come? Is it because of her rezz ability? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m relatively new to the game


Hey, some people just like simple heroes so they can focus on fighting the enemy rather than the controls, and there’s naught wrong with that


Nothing wrong with enjoying DMV lines either. I just personally can’t stand it, and would rather take an L while playing something more engaging.


Ana,it was mercy before they ruined her and removed res ult(in before but IT WAS OP REEEEEEEEEE)one ult that had chance to counter how many other ults that can wipe whole group?..)All others healers don’t interest me.