Fast Re-Queue, Skip "Game Ending"

Would it be good to have something we could toggle to skip “game ending” statistics and potg to move instantly back into the queue?

I’m not saying that those statistics should be removed, just some people who want to quickly join another game to be able to skip that.


I think that’s a good idea actually.

Then who is going to watch my two elimination POTG? That’s a no go from me. :triumph:

I think what we really need is a ban on all POTGs and highlights that include rip-tire or death blossom, especially in quickplay or low Elo comp. It would be Blizzard doing their part to fix r/overwatch.

(Please stop uploading rip-tire and death blossom highlights, r/overwatch isn’t supposed to be a cringe compilation, it physically hurts me please stop).

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People who care about your 2 elim potg would still watch it. The ones who don’t would skip it.

I think they have stated that it was impossible because of how te game manages the que itself.
Though i would love it that they mad an auto que for competitive if your game got canceled because of a leaver before even leaving spawn.

The end game is just stuff for you to look at while the game completes a series of admin tasks. You couldn’t join a game any faster even if you did skip it.

I doubt they would give us a way to do this seems leaving and requeuing already doesn’t speed up the process.

I leave before/at the start of the potg usually, re-queue & instantly get into another game. before that potg has finished. probably before that potg is even half done.

Well I can’t do much more than quote the game director.

I’ve personally never had any luck speeding up the search by attempting this so when Jeff said it doesn’t work, It matched my experience at the least.

I guess if you are getting into actual games rather than say skirmish then maybe there are cases where it can be bypassed

I do remember them saying this, but they said that a long time ago. I’ve also left games and immediately found new games recently.

I’ve left games before the victory/defeat animation was even completed and found a new game within ~3 secs.

Players who do this are typically in the loser’s team (I do too). Although, something like this would be useful to me.

I do the same thing, I dont know much about Game developping to be a reliable source of info to be honest hahaha