Farewell and Goodbye to tank duos

:wine_glass: Here’s to all the Rein-Zarya power teams who absolutely wreck with teamwork

:wine_glass: Here’s to all the Hog-Orisa leaders working together seamlessly to protect and serve

:wine_glass: Here’s to all the Winston-Dva MVPs who fearlessly lead the dive for their team

:wine_glass: Here’s to all the Zarya-Winston gods who cover eachother’s back no matter what

:wine_glass: Here’s to hammonds who fill as 2nd tank because they have fun on hamster

:wine_glass: Here’s to all the Rein-Sigma barrierwatch kings who never let a teammate die

I don’t play tank that much, maybe 10% of matches, but I am gonna miss these synergies and combos.

I’m gonna miss having that co-tank to step in and bail you out when you need help.

I’m gonna miss being able to do that for someone else tanking, and that feeling of reading the other person’s mind just feels awesome.

Farewell 6v6, you were too good for this world :black_heart:


These were the best parts of Overwatch for me. Doing double bubble and rein Zarya with my best friend was an experience. Tank is my most played role but I didn’t enjoy solo tanking so I’ll stick to support.

Still holding out hope that 6v6 returns in 2023 or 2024.


Fairwell to being at a very large disadvantage if you don’t pick very specific tank heroes, and need a random internet stranger to do the same, and cooperate with you.

And assuming you get that, then also have your team use your space and keep you up.

Fairwell to individual tanks having to be kept weak, and basically throw picks in many compositions for +90% of ELOs, because of the potential of tank synergy.


Farewell to Reinhardts holding their shields up, doing nothing else.


I’m just glad that all I have to do to not get a Hog on my team is to duo with a tank player that I know won’t play Hog :slight_smile:


I just saw a video of some dude claiming tank synergy does not exist except for at top 500, and basically the next sentence he was like, “thank the Buddha that double shield is going away.” Bruh.


Double shield doesn’t need synergy to work. It’s just not fun to play against.

I am starting to feel maybe I have a different definition of synergy. Maybe I do not know the Overwatch version.

Goodbye to tank synergies, hello to easier tank balancing :pray:

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Can’t wait until the “I hate tank synergy” folks find something else to cry about in a week.


Good riddance from me, tank pairings ruined the game in a lot of ways for both casual and competitive crowds.

I laced their drinks with rat poison


“Can you go Rein-Zar?” “Can you play double shield”

No shut up, I wanna play the tank hero I’m playing, not what you want. Not like idiots giving “good” advice will ever go out of style in OW2, but at least these morons will be less inclined to try and provide “helpful” team composition suggestions

Good riddance tank duos

I’ll miss the voice line interactions but that’s about it.

Hopefully we get tank to tank interactions in other game modes for overwatch 2

GLAD I won’t see pig-man every game

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There were definitely some new ones during the betas :grin:

Good riddance’s to shield wars. The Goat and all them shields can go down in history.

One day you play your last Hog and Ball torture without even knowing it will be last time. Treasure all the moments.

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Now we can just be at a disadvantage if we don’t pick very specific characters altogether!

Double shield is literally just synergy with the shields. Also, holy crap, you guys couldn’t handle shields, stuns, 2CP, or any other basic gaming thing.

…Do you think people won’t still pester us to swap to whatever they want?


Please blizz :face_holding_back_tears: 5v5 is wholly unnecessary, just rework your tanks for crying out loud

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Big shoutout to all the cotanks that enabled my full yolo I-glued-down-W tank shenanigans over the years. You the best.

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