False reporting has replaced toxic chat

Now that they greatly lowered the thresholds of false reports needed to get people silenced, the people who would normally say something like “tank diff” in chat instead just false report the tank , and because of how broken the report system is as long as they said one message in chat more off-color than “hello team. I’m excited for this match, we’re going to do great!” the system will see the report as legitimate (This isn’t an exaggeration, I’ve seen a screenshot of an email recently where it claimed someone was banned for the message “lol”). If the toxic person is on a smurf or other alt account, they might still say “tank diff” but only to bait the tank into attempting to argue back so that there will be more messages to report.

Basically blizzard have empowered the worst people in the game to the highest degree possible. Now instead of having to be annoyed by someone yelling “tank diff” like an idiot, that same person now gets to hand select who gets banned from the game and the only way to stop it is to completely ignore all social features in the game.

edit: another thing I forgot to mention is that these people are also going to start throwing and trolling in matches, since that allows you to ruin people’s games but is much harder to get banned for


Best part is, you can make an alt account and use it just to annoy people, get them to respond, report them, and get them banned. All while risking absolutely nothing.

Gotta love “F2P”


Be careful what you wish for. Keep this in mind, anybody, who thinks automated bans should be a thing.


When did this happen?

around 3 or 4 weeks ago, you could tell because everyone started to get several “thank you for reporting” notifications every time they booted up the game, even if they haven’t reported anyone recently


And this isn’t the first time where Blizzard’s attempt to curb “toxicity” only results in actual toxicity and abuse of the system. It happens every single time.

Wasn’t that just another ban wave?

No. It went from regular reports, to a period of silence. Blizzard was likely tweaking something in Defense Matrix. Then reports started coming in again and seemingly at an increased rate.

I really hope someone gets a class action started and Blizz has to refund OW1 players their $60 back (even if we bought it for less).

I haven’t seen any increased reports… not to say they haven’t tweaked something, but this seems like the kinda thing they’d trumpet and advertise :thinking:

Ok? I logged in today and had 3. When it all came back, I had 4 after that first log in. Every time I log in I at least have 1.

Your experience doesn’t override the collective experiences of people that have posted about this. My experience correlates with theirs.

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Old accounts in good standing take a longer time to get in trouble unless they say a specific no no word.

New accounts get banned fast.

Sorry you guys keep losing your temper on Smurf accounts and have to keep starting new ones…

Ironically, it’s the qp 4 stack that says, “It’s just qp,” that are the ones losing their temper.

I dunno. Everyone in that 4 stack has their account and three friends to play with.

What do they have to be mad about?

That they can’t blame their friends who are bad at the heroes they play, so they have to turn their frustration to the only person not in their group. Duos, 3 stacks, 4 stacks - it all plays out the same way.

It’s also why many solo queue players keep requesting a solo queue playlist that other games have realized is useful long long ago.

And we’ll never get a solo queue only mode because that would require a stronger playerbase. The game already can’t ship quality matches and keep queue times low.

precisely why 95% of psn has each other blocked by default. when you automate reporting, 1st to report wins. villains play victim. plus group reports multiply, instead of being factored as a single report. sony stopped allowing free speech. well when you do that, ppl leave. out of 1000 friends, less than 100 online.

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That just seems so insane that, tbh, I don’t believe you… :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not saying anyone’s experience overrides anything. I haven’t seen this what you’re describing this I cannot relate, also I don’t see why my experience would be different to anyone else’s in this regard.

That’s why I assume you’re lying or least over exaggerating. On the other hand, if you’re telling the truth you probably assume the same about me which is fair enough. The only thing I can think of is that they’re rolling this out region by region :thinking:

I didn’t assume you were lying at all. You did because what I said doesn’t jive with what you think or experienced on your end. You also ignore the posts from other people noticing the same thing.

What do you think the issue there is?

Stop for a second and accept that what we are telling you is, in fact, true. Then see if that shakes up your preconceived ideas.

If I’m being honest, I’d say it’s the same handful of people complaining cos they’re getting silenced for abusing people and attempting to gaslight everyone into thinking they’re the victims :man_shrugging:t2:

I considered that. That’s why said perhaps they’re rolling these changes out by region. Alternatively I may well be an outlier somehow and could just simply be wrong. That’s fine :man_shrugging:t2:

However, having been around this game and these forums for many years and watched as people claim blizzard is out to get them then proceed to snap and reveal themselves to be abusive in their own pity thread, and in the absence of any evidence other than these anecdotes I’m going to assume that this is once again the case.

Oh I just realised you’re the same person I’m replying to in the other thread! :wave:t2:

:rofl: Been fun. GGs! Non-toxically of course.

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