Fair Sombra Nerf?

Hi. Do you think that Sombra’s hack should be like how it was when she launched (or somewhere in between), not disabling everything but primary fire, instead hacking most things?

Then hacks and EMP won’t be overpowered. Some heroes that Sombra is too strong against, will be able to fight back a little bit. Some heroes would counter Sombra’s hacks/EMP like Zenyatta using his ult. I think it would be a lot of fun. (For example, Wrecking Ball is almost useless when hacked. Devs can adjust how effective Sombra is against him and other heroes.)

Then hacks could last 6 seconds and EMP would have normal cast time. The change could be tested on PTR.

The last thing sombra needs right now is a nerf…shes mediocre except at top levels of play, and even then she’s usually a liability. Why in the name of kaplan would you want to NERF her?


Because she’s unfun to play against, I’m assuming. Imo she needs infinite invis removed, increased pinpoint tracking required for hack, and a damage buff and she’d be fine.

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Sombra is meant to be annoying. I can 1590% assure you that even if they did everything you just said, people like this would still complain about her.


Well I mean I understand it. Picking Sombra just makes playing a good number of picks stressful to play, and her specific ability to shutdown mobility heroes limits the viability of otherwise balanced heroes. I think changes like the ones I listed could be enough to make her less of the “hard counter” hero lol

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I understand what you’re saying. But I’m not saying she needs another nerf . She just needs a fairer and more fun kind of nerf, instead.

The nerf she got a little while back was hack lasting from 6s to 5s or 5.5s, and a slower EMP. And as ĖŸĘøƒĦØRǙŞ said, she might still be unfun to play against. The game would be more fun if Sombra’s hacks and EMP go back to normal (6s, 0.5s cast time, etc.) and don’t hack as many abilities.

Blizzard can tweak what gets hacked to balance Sombra.

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Well see that’s the thing. If blizzard cares about being fun to play against, than Doomfist, Moira, Wrecking Ball, Mei, Widowmaker, Zarya and many abilities for certain heroes would be tweaked. But they aren’t.

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I hope that if everyone agrees and we have some support from players, Blizzard would make the change.

Blizzard’s vision for a fun Sombra (when she was released) was good, and I hope they have the resources to revert her a little bit.

Edit: I was thinking devs and players could have fun with a different hack/EMP. But I agree with players and Shadowheart.

I’ve been playing with 10% decreased spread. Decreased spread makes it very difficult to play in close range. And Sombra’s damage isn’t consistent to be effective. If she’s very weak, she doesn’t need a different hack. But she needs consistent and reliable damage. Maybe regular spread.

I apologize for suggesting that Blizzard makes changes to heroes to change metas. Too many changes all the time, can discourage people. Changes to balance heroes would encourage people.

Summary: Current hack is fine. Old spread. Consistent damage I think is what she needs.

Thats the problem… when people cry in forums that something is OP then Blizz obeys it and nerfs heroes that doesnt need nerfs…


Sombra can do a lot of things and her hack is annoying, however there’s a lot of things that she can’t do. Like if you are Widowmaker Sombra can’t do a lot to you because of range, Sombra needs to be close and have time in order to hack someone and I think that’s why it should be a high reward for being able to do it.

I understand, Tyrande and Piggwardd. She’s really weak right now and shouldn’t be nerfed at all. And her hack needs to be effective and a suitable reward for the cast time given.