Failure to communicate with Customers

So many people getting screwed by this and DEV cannot even post a response.
This is a Multi-Billion dollar company. Are they this greedy they cannot pay an intern to post status updates on the forum or discuss the issues players are reporting?

This is one thing I have a huge hate train for. These guys actually suck at communicating

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im not a happy customer at all like these problems after last night maitenance made things even freaking worse as it brought back the character locking bug

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I just want my Noire Widowmaker skin and they haven’t even addressed it. They said to re-install it on the console and I’ve done that, but it did nothing and they haven’t responded since.

They post updates on tweeter or in the bug report session

Is that the FORUM like I asked? not everyone is on twitter. This is the OFFICAL location for the product. I also do not see anything about the Bronze 5 bugs