Failure after Failure

Why exactly are we shocked that VOIP numbers aren’t working for phone verification?

Blizz is famous for doing literally everything wrong. This is just another funny screw up from the kings of screw ups.

At this point OW2 is just a comically bad rollouts. Even before the servers are up
Whatever you think about OW2, I think we can all agree it both could have, and should have been bettered handles. It’s an uphill battle going forward.


No VOIP was expected.

But some burner phones seem to work and some carrier phones don’t work.

Which they should really fix asap.


Imo, you don’t roll out a “feature” until it’s tested and ironclad.

These guys are shooting from the hip, and it shows. Reminds me of when they botched the beta rollouts


Well I posted this in mid August.


Wouldn’t necessarily call this a failure because it’s been out there for awhile on the phone number requirement. Yes it sucks but it’s not a failure on their part.

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Not allowing prepaid networks is absolutely a failure and needlessly exclusionary

To be clear it doesn’t even effect me personally. I just find it absurd


It’s stupid but again don’t see it as a failure. People want smurfing/alternative accounts be cut down. This is one way they are trying to do it.


I’m saying their stated goal and prepaid phone plans have nothing to do with each other.

Again, that makes it a failure. You can both have this feature and allow prepaid phones lol

Welcome to programming, were everything is tested and filled with holes at the same time.

Some of the best software out their is held together by duck tape and rusty spoons if you know where to look.

tf2 has a picture of a potato that is a required file for it to operate, no one knows why. You could litterially delete all the textures/models/animations and the game will boot into a game filled with error signs. yet this potato will require you to verify and fix your files.


Pretty sure its a coconut but yeah I get ya.

Not sure that really changes the fact that this is yet another pointless Pr blow in a long line of failures.

They really needed a flawless launch as it was. Well, that ship has sailed multiple times.

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Requiring a non-voip number was the move they needed to make years ago and I support it. It would be better to require a government-issued ID, but we’ll have to wait until more people are onboard with that method.


Alright, now this one is just a troll lol.

Had me in the first half, not going to lie.

My takes may be hot for some, but it’s not trolling I assure you. I really do believe what I am saying. Mobile phone 2FA with ID backup recovery would be ideal.

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It’s not even hot, it’s impractically stupid. How on earth would a private company verify government IDs lol. Do we just give them access to governmental databases?

Of all the countries the game is available for?

Actually a dumb thing to say.

I am sorry you don’t agree, but there are methods for verifying IDs. Two such private companies that do this are Facebook and Coinbase. Given that Blizzard will be a part of Microsoft soon, I believe they would have the resources to enforce such a constraint for their games.

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I’m pretty sure thats why they want you to verify beforehand, so they can test this out in mass. To find all the weird edge cases. As phone numbers have a habit of jumping providers, if not between burner/contract status.

As most burner phone companies either buy or are handed valid numbers from the contract related companies that, do to them being parent companies or needing some quick cash.

And some might not be reporting correctly.

First off, you really should not be trusting Facebook with anything, much less your personal ID.

Secondly, you don’t think there’s a little bit of a difference between a public facing account with an irl name attached and user CzechErFace?

In fact I’m game if you are. let’s pair faces and addresses to every account. Let’s have public only profiles and let’s see who user CzechErFace is and where they live, no?

Imagine the swatting that would come from that.

It’s just a stupid idea not going to lie.

As for Coinbase, financial apps do make sense for an id given all the fraud potential and whatnot.


My friend just uses a picture of elvis, works every time.

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These people have no idea what maligned actors can do with a shred of data. They are too comfy with big tech imo.


Their new 100 matches system should do that (even if i doubt it will) this is just yet another nuclear option trying to fix something instead of other reasonable ways (im looking at you 5v5 >.>)