Failing to connect to a match treats the user as intentionally disconnecting, results in suspension

From the users perspective I never made it to the character select screen. I was then told I had been issued a suspension. My rating went down as though I’d lost something like 3 matches. My honor level went down.

As a player that takes pride in being friendly and helpful, that was a major blow. As the user I could see the difference between me not loading into a game, and me loading into the game then purposely disconnecting (never making it to character select). So Blizzard can too.

I’ll stay off my account for a day or two. During that time please:

  • Review my history and find that this has never happened before
  • Refund my elo
  • Restore my Endorsement Level to a 4

This same this has happened to me and a few others and its really discouraging because i just want to play comp, and im not able to anymore because its a gamble on whether ill be banned or able to play


Bumping my post since I’ve still received no support and I’d like to continue playing. Please correct my account and (hopefully) look into resolving the base issue.

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Yeah I have been following a few of these posts because many people are having this issue since the last patch. It is unfortunate. I would avoid comp until this is addressed or until the next patch hopefully resolves it.

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They don’t think it’s an Overwatch issue. Easiest way to clear out a bug backlog is to admit a bug isn’t a bug. Wait until a streamer runs into it, then it’s “take care of that right away streamer Sempai”.

I’m in the Southeast with AT&T Gig, where/what internet are you all using?

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Bumping again until my account is fixed. Similar threads are all over the forum, please take the time to correct the errors on our accounts.

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Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

I’ve read the document. My disconnect happened before I saw a character select screen. I didn’t have any info with which I might have used as a reason to dodge a match. There’s no reason to punish this, it didn’t cost anybody anything. Easy to detect.

Furthermore while it’s understandable that you have to draw the line somewhere, it’s not hard to take a players history into account ESPECIALLY in the case of a pre-character select DC. A single disconnect on an account with no history of disconnects absolutely does not merit punishment.

Please restore my elo and my honor level so that I can continue playing. Why would I want to play a game that threatens to remove my efforts at random?

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What happens in this case the server doesn’t immediately drop you from the queue. It can take several seconds before it realizes you have dropped, which if you are selected, you are confirmed for that match.

Let me be clear, your elo is not a currency, it is a skill rating, more than likely you will recover your own skill rating by playing games once any issues are correct as it has to readjust. In any case, Blizzard NEVER restores changes to an account due to technical issues. I understand your frustration, but I have dealt with tech issues myself and know that it is easy to recover it once I fix any issues.

Ah, company policy then. I work at a software company, so I know exactly where you are coming from. That’s a shame though. The rating actually didn’t bother me as much as the honor drop.

I work rather hard to be friendly, call out targets, and encourage the team to do their best. However I only play DPS and since most people honor healers/tanks, getting mine to 4 was challenging. It constantly dips back down to 3 for bits of time.

My real goal in Overwatch is to get it to stay a 4, or better yet get it to a 5. I take it far more seriously than my ranking. So to lose a point of it like that for no reason hurt.

Anyway I do appreciate that you dealt with my issue even if you couldn’t fix it.

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Same issue it is frustrating!

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