Failed to earn Contenders Symmetra or Mercy skins? IMPORTANT UPDATE ANNOUNCED!

I just wanted to thank Wyoming for making this happen! Without him we wouldn’t have this opportunity. Thank you for helping those in need and the community is truly blessed to have someone such as yourself being a great support and representative for something we all love and hate. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts!

FYI I already have the skins :slight_smile:

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Thanks, mate!! Awesome.

Thank you @WyomingMyst!
Feel like this issue would’ve gone unnoticed by Blizzard were it not for your efforts.


well atleast its being fixed

Thank you for helping us! <3 I’m so happy to have the chance to get mercy!!

Edit: I just got Mercy :DDD


Got Mercy now too. Thanks, WyomingMist!

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Hello everyone. Sorry if my English isn’t perfect.
I received all skins of this month, including Mercy. Without any problems, they appeared in my collection almost instantly, every time when I reached required number of hours.
WyomingMyst, thank You very much! Your efforts helped us to finally receive these wonderful skins!
I hope that everyone will receive all rewards of this month, this should work absolutely correctly this time.
Thank You!


Yup glad they were able to fix the earning process.

I noticed that the site was not logging me out nearly as often as it was previously, so obviously they corrected something to help it. I managed to collect the two new skins this month no problem and have all of them so far now. So, good luck to everyone trying to earn them!

Game on.

i got all of the skins! ty so much for helping us

@WyomingMyst THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I got the my missing Mercy skin 8 days ago (December 11th) but I couldnt get myself some time to thank you for everything, she is my second most used hero, it would have been a tragedy missing hers :slight_smile:

JUST saw this. anymore contenders games scheduled?

Sorry… not for this month.

As a FYI, I keep everything updated in my master streaming rewards guide. Which is pinned here on the forums. I now also provide a new Twitter feed specifically designed to tweet when a key event like a reward-dropping stream is starting, which you can find at @dropswatch.

To everyone else, I will probably put in a request to lock this specific thread since the matter at hand is now considered to be resolved in my book. If you have any more issues with earning drops please report them in my streaming rewards guide.


That is super disappointing. I’ve supported Contenders, watched so many hours on YouTube even after I got the Sym/Junk skins, but didn’t watch it on the site because I didn’t know Mercy skin was coming back. My day is ruined :frowning:

I feel for ya. I tried to do everything I can regarding this issue and keep my pinned thread updated as much as possible.

The only way you could possibly get that skin at this time is by joining a team and successfully play your way into the next Overwatch Contenders season (all Contenders players receive the skins for all 31 heroes automatically).

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I’ll just get the Outlaws skin and pretend :frowning_face: No one will notice will they? :cry: J-just don’t look too closely :cry:

Since this is the big thread for the contender stuff…

I’m trying to watch the Australian games this morning, but having an issue, I think.

I start the stream (Firefox or Chrome) and I’m logged in, I have the green dot, etc. After exactly 1 minute precisely, the green dot goes away.

It didn’t do that before. So… Is it working or not? I don’t want to have to refresh the page every minute to keep it green or not get the watching counted toward the skins for this month…

Just thought I would post here and see if anyone else is having that issue.

Yeah mate… having the same issue… green dot keeps vanishing. Tried Edge and Chrome. Both do the same thing

I checked my browser for ad blockers, I was running Malware browser guard, but disabled it, no change. Never bothered it before, but still.

I don’t use chrome for much, so its pretty clean, no change. Haven’t tried the phone yet, but don’t want to run it on my phone all night. lol

Check the other thread… it’s a “known” issue… if you don’t have a red dot, you might be ok?

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