Failed to connect


Today it happened to me three times; ‘‘failed to connect’’. Now I’m suspended for 20 hours, and I lost a lot of SR…

When I join a game with a 6 stack, I am the only one who does not come along. It is not my internet because I can still talk to the other players and there is no Wifi drop. I’ve tried everything that is recommended for technical issues, and it still happends.

What can I do about this? And is there a possibility that I will get my SR back?

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This message is a local disconnection. This can be in your home, in your ISP’s network, or on one of the many ISPs that make your connection to the server possible. If your friends are joining the match, it means the server is still online and functioning.

The voice channel and the server are not always part of the same connection. So this tells us that you can connect to one, but something is wrong with the path/route to the other. Thanks for including this.

Provide a WinMTR here for the community or staff to review, which might help pinpoint the location of the issue. Please follow the directions in the pinned thread: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #29.

Unfortunately, no. Blizzard doesn’t refund SR for any reason. You can read more about their stance in another pinned thread, here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties.