Failed to connect to server


My last two attempts to enter a competitive game were rudely interrupted by a failed server connection. This has been happening since I started playing roughly a month ago. What will happen is that I start searching for a game, find one, and then disconnect before I even see the lobby. After quitting OW, and pressing “go online” in BattleNet I am greeted by a suspension, a loss of SR and a loss of an endorsement level. While this stings, these losses don’t bother me nearly as much as the prospect of having to deal with this issue indefinitely.

Blizzard’s support article on connectivity issues (Blizzard Support - Overwatch 2 Disconnection Problems) lists a number of factors that may be contributing to my problems. Sadly none of these are relevant.

Once I do manage to connect to a game, OW performs flawlesly. On top of that none of the other games or applications I use ever suffer from connection issues.

Does anyone know something that might point me in the direction of an answer?

The sticky in this forum has a bit more information, and asks you to post the results of a networking test. This definitely sounds like a connection problem, just to the Overwatch servers. Common Connection and Latency Issues - #3 by Glaxigrav