Failed to Connect to Server

Issue Description:

During the last 3-4 seasons this game has become unplayable. Countless bugs and glitches keep appearing in the game but the most annoying one is this. I que up to play competitive. Before the que even ends and I join the game on the left side where you normally click on “play” it turns into “rejoin match” and I get an error message saying connection to server failed. This happens so much that I have gone from platnum to silver and stayed in silver for the majority of the season for 3 seasons now. During this season alone it happened more than 10x. I generally play this game for fun rather than serious competitive aspect of it so I decided not to whine on forums about this issue. However, after spending 3 seasons in silver I finally decided to climb out. I played like my life depended on it and went on a 9 game winning streak. I hit 1960-75 (not exactly sure) SR and guess what happens next. Before I even join the game I get “failed to connect to server” error, lose 50 SR, lose the winning streak and go from 4 endorsement down to 3.

Can you do something about this? I have lost over 50 games due to this issue and fortunately I have not caused anyone else to lose SR because of me since the game ends before it even begins but constantly losing hard earner SR/Endorsements/Getting suspended is just draining every bit of fun there is out of this game. If you believe that I am full of sh*t, check how many times my account was suspended over the last couple of seasons and the durations of the suspension.

I am seriously tired of sitting in silver because you’re unable to get your servers in order. Three seasons is enough of this…If you can’t fix it, please tell me so that I can stop wasting my time here.



25 minutes and exactly 1 lucioball game later it happened again…how am I supposed to maintain my rank when I need to win 4 out of every 5 just to break even? I don’t even bother thinking about climbing anymore since that’s mathematically impossible…assuming you never lose a match…it would take 100-125 games (depending on when the disconnect happened in the 5 games) to climb one rank…

This is a disconnection notification, which is generally a signal that something is wrong with your internet route to Blizzard servers. Which troubleshooting steps have you performed?

Not sure if you were trying to respond with comments on what I suggested, or trolling.