"Failed to Connect to Server" error, lost 50SR

I just queued for a game and the whole lobby was stuck at the main menu. Everyone was typing in game chat that they were still at the main menu and then the error “Failed to connect to server” popped up in the chat. I lost 50SR because of this and received a 10 minute suspension.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, is this a bug on Blizzard’s end or was this because of my internet connection?

It seems like it would be a problem with Blizzard’s servers because it happened to everyone in the lobby and not just me. I have a screen shot of the error and people in chat saying they couldn’t join the game but am not sure how to post the picture. If possible I’d really like to get my SR back if this was due to Blizzard’s servers

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Yep, I just got banned for 30 mins.

Way to go Blizz. :+1:


Feels bad lol, glad i’m not the only one though. It’d be nice if a dev would respond to this post to explain why this happened

Yup just got the same error. I can barely carry my team in comp, you can’t expect me to carry the servers as well

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blizz forum agents replied in another post saying they won’t be restoring suspensions or sr loss for this. All they did was recommend against queing for competitive. Sucks cause I just got a suspension and sr loss too for this error.

That seems super backwards?

Lets punish players for OUR server issues by locking them out of the game for 10+ minutes at a time, when they probably sat in queue for 10+ minutes already

Blizzard is aware of the problem and looking into it. Please don’t queue for comp in the meantime.

I actually have a different situation: I start a match or OW itself and sometimes it cuts me out, saying “Lost Connection to the Game Server” I immediately am returned to OW and can continue my match (if its comp). I don’t know if this is the error that others have, but I continue to have it without avail.

I did! but i just kinda accepted it and waited :confused:

I got kicked from a game of 6v6 comp due to an in-game error, game was recorded as loss - naturally even though I immediately rejoined I was “dead”.

Man that sucked.

20 days after OP, this is still happening. Today, 2 days ago, and a couple before that, I have lost sr and gotten suspensions for Blizzard’s bugs. And its far from just me. There is a dc in every, if not every other game these days, and almost every time, I can see the dc’d person’s friends saying that the game wont let them rejoin. This is especially annoying for dps players who frequently end up waiting a total of 20 minutes for a game because of dcs.

If this is such a huge problem that blizz knows about, and they haven’t been able to fix it by now, why not TEMPORARILY change it so that dc’s dont result in sr loss, and then change it back when its fixed. If they’re so worried about people taking advantage of that, then it’d be a great incentive to fix the real problem thats preventing people from playing the game in the first place.

“We screwed up and you lost sr because of it, but you arent getting it back, so dont play if you dont like it” is not the attitude that a company as big as blizz should be taking, especially when this problem has been persisting for months now. I dont care about googly eyes. Fix your game.