"Failed to connect to server" = 50 lost SR

Having a hard time playing Comp these days–I feel like the game is against me. It couldn’t connect to a server and it banned me and took away 50 SR. Last week I won a game and only got 3 SR–I’m on a newer account (just switched from console to PC) and I had gold healing and no one left. I knew I wasn’t going to be the same SR as on console, but it’s really frustrating losing SR for no reason, and then winning a game and not gaining SR. Whenever someone makes a stupid mistake I never think, “well I make them too nbd” I always think, “you know, if the game hadn’t taken away 50 SR I wouldn’t be in this match.”


The message “Failed to connect to the server” means something in your connection would not connect to the specific IP address of the server. There is a wide variety of reasons why this happens…

  • First make sure everything on your end is in working order. If you are on PC check the PC connection troubleshooting guide on Blizzard’s support site. If on console, check the console connection troubleshooting guide.
  • Make sure you are not trying to manipuate your connection to connect to certain datacenters. If you are using any VPNs, disable them and see if that helps. Also do NOT attempt to block any known IP addresses to Blizzard’s game servers whatsoever. If you are not sure, check the network configuration guide for assistance.
  • If this problem is happening frequently and you worked through most troubleshooting steps, then it is very likely a problem is occuring between you and the game server and you need to isolate where it is happening. The best way to do this is through a WinMTR test.

Regardless of the cause, penalties cannot be reversed so you should avoid Competitive play until you are confident that your connection is working normally again.

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