Failed to connect to OW US region servers after update Bnet app


I’m from Vietnam. I was playing normally on US region servers when Bnet had an update, so I logged out of the game, updated it. Since then, I have been unable to connect to US region servers. All attempts return error “Lost connection to the server.”

I can connect to Asia servers normally, however, they give high lag spikes and worse ping than US servers.

Please advise.


Usually updates don’t directly impact your ability to connect to a game server but it does not hurt to run a Scan and Repair on the Overwatch game client in case the game version is bugged with an outdated version.


Did as told and it returned no error. Managed to play the game for about 2 hours today before losing connection to server again.

(Nathardrick ) #4

Hi there Truebronze,

As this issue comes and goes, this sounds much like a DNS switching done by the ISP. Our servers have not gone down for a region, as such we must look to connection.

With that said, it does not mean I am unable to offer advice. :slight_smile: We have a few tips that may get things stabilized.

First, you could try and change the DNS service you use. Both Google DNS and Cloud Flare DNS are free and can help stabilize things.

If these fail, please post back with a WinMTR to This will help us see what the rout is doing. Posting two would be best, one when things work, one when things don’t. Contrast tends to help shine a light on details that may help.

I hope to hear from you soon!