F 23 Mercy main looking for team!

I’ve been playing for two months now, I get at most 10K heals most matches and the most I’ve ever gotten is 20K, (I can show screenshots or clips) I’ve sadly been stuck in bronze for a while though and I know it’s not where I should be and realize I might have better luck with an actual team. ^^ I’d fit in very well with a group that’s mostly other ladies but, I have 0 preference on gender or anything like that, it’s just a comfort thing with speaking up as I’d be Comfortable giving comms more with other girls.

I try my best to heal everyone on my team, even if I’m pocketing and if I see a good opportunity I am able to go battle mercy.

I’m non-toxic open-minded adult, I don’t flip out over losing and I’d definitely prefer a group of equally like-minded adult individuals who are also not toxic.

I don’t get offended by healthy criticism as long as it’s not plain rude, I want to learn and know I have room for improvement just like many others I’ve played with before.

I also will not be overly judgemental if others have the same rank as me or other ranks close than mine as long as they’re showing team effort I will always give others a chance. My psn is Kitty-_-Neko and I will add back as soon as I get a message from ya.


Finally, a good sport and honest gamer. Im a hard stuck support and gold tank, i think itd be fun to have a team for ranked, my tag is Ryuji#11376

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What’s you battle tag

I can play with you on my alt. My PSN is AlreadyTracerLul. Not an actual woman but I might as well be :joy:

Hi I’m running into the same problem as you, I’m also a mercy main but I have reached a level where I can play pretty much any support (I usually go Lucio or moiura if not mercy) but I’ve just been stuck in solo que hell and I get around the same stats as you every game if not more but the real synergy and communication is never there and it causes everything to fall apart. I’m an easy going player and would be totally down to try a few games. My battle bet id is BlacKenpachi#1237, and my discord is Black Kenpachi#7225


Oh wow cool. I’m looking for people who are chill and don’t freak out or get upset when they lose. I’m a gold/plat player. If you’re chill and are competitive but still mature and just want to have fun feel free to add me :slight_smile: Battletag is Silence#14776

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hiii i am a mercy main too but i can play other supports if not mercy

I couldn’t find yous, add my psn Kitty-_-Neko

Sure, I’ll add you when I get home

Sorry I took so long to respond, I sent you a request!