Fυɳ Wιƚԋ Gɾαρρʅҽʂ (while you wait)


the game is explained in the lobby but to sum it up you have a grappling hook and your melee and gun do knockback your objective is to knock someone off the platform and stop them from grappling back, first to 10 kills wins

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I do like grapples.

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i’ve only really played scout in deep rock
something about that grapple seals it in

Incidentally here ya go.
I got some pretty optimal scout builds.


Also if you ever get the RJ250 Compound on Engi.

That gives “almost scout tier” mobility.

The build I got for that has 21 grenadelauncher shots, 11 on resupply. And you can rocketjump twice without cracking your shields.

It’s kinda OP actually, because you basically have the capabilities of almost every class simultaneously.

And while vertical jumps are good. Sideways jumps are often even more valuable, since it’s basically a Dash on a 2sec cooldown.