Extremely unlucky comp ban

I was playing a game of comp with a few friends, we were destroying the enemy team and about 5 seconds before the game ends my game kicks me out. As a result of this I lose 50 sr on a game we won, but I didn’t have the time to rejoin because we won right after. I find it kind of stupid that even though we won and I just got unlucky with the timing that I should still get a comp suspension and -50 sr.

Cool story, was this meant for your ISP support website?

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Unfortunately the rules do require that if you leave a game and fail to return by the time the match ends (or within 2 minutes, whichever is sooner), that you will be marked with the loss and penalty. You can learn about this policy here:

I am presuming this was a simple one-time connection issue, and if so you should not have to worry again. However if you are disconnecting frequently, please remember to avoid Competitive Play and work to troubleshoot your connection. Assistance is always available in the technical support forum if needed.