Extremely concerned about Ana changes


With the release of Hammond, we’re going to see a resurgence in dive, and possibly even triple tank. Nanoboost is going to assure that.

  • Healboost from Biotic Grenade will turn +300 healing from Nano into +450 healing from Nano
  • Biotic Grenade itself heals for +100

Tanks are already basically full health from that alone, but you can also stack Brig’s temporary/permanent armor as well as her instant +150 heal from Repair Pack, and any armor that already exists in a tank’s health pool, or just keep them up with a pocket heal from Valkyrie… And not to mention Hammond’s shield proc.

These changes definitely encourage alternate support comps, but it also makes a tank unkillable every single Nanoboost. Your only hope is to anti-heal then sleep dart, because otherwise you’re dead.

This is not the change Ana (nor the meta) needs. Ana just needs her pre-heal back, with the ability to swap back and forth between pre-heal and teammate penetration. The healing over time makes it so that it’s counterable with damage, and it allows Ana to pocket heal once again without bringing the second coming of Triple Tank/Dive.


While it can be used as a clutch save, it’s still best combo’d with another ultimate, and the long-term implications of this just gives more incentive to cast on tanks. This will bring back triple tank and dive, which have already overstayed their welcome.


She won’t be meta with just that, she needs self sustain capacity.


Something tells me you weren’t around for triple tank. Ana didn’t need self-sustain back then when there were 3 tanks barreling towards you and providing all the peel she needs.


Well main tanks are now squishy as hell. So thats maybe a positive thing


Yes but we don’t have that now and no, i wasn’t here back then i only hear myths about beyblade and dragon blade completly erasing teams with her nano boost.


If this change makes it to Live, you’ll see exactly how frustrating and stale it was. Only it’ll be much worse because of Hammond.


I know it just shows how they can’t balance and work with numbers properly. No one asked for a 300HP boost people were asking for like 100 or something so you’d at least nano and have time to heal before your target would be bursted to death instantly.



I mean, I thought that was the entire point of Nana-boost.


it’s an ULT, you use it maybe once per minute…


Why is everyone afraid of the Triple tank Meta? It was here for what, 1 season? I think it’ll be nice to bring back the idea of Triple Tank to combat the Triple Support, Hanzo/Zarya combo meta, and Dive.

I think the whole point of balance changes are to allow different compositions…


Triple tank and Dive are at least fun, cheeseball gravdragon that we have now is easily the worst meta this game has ever had


Were you using Nanoboost on almost dead tanks before? I’m pretty sure tanks were hard but not impossible to kill if you used it on tanks that were at full health. This is going to be, like, not a huge change.


SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Now add self Nano and I’m happy!


Ah, that reminds me about where this will actually make a huge impact: Deathmatch! Lack of self-healing is certainly one of Ana’s weaknesses that really hurt her especially in that mode, and this will grant her another avenue for it.


I don’t know, almost every other Hero can use their Ult to survive or Solo Ult dudes.

I have had many fights where had I survived a flanker and not died early, the following fight would have been won.


Not to mention, using it on a tank still limits their movement unless it’s Winston or dva and I guess now Hammond. Out positioning is still counterplay, and for the exceptions there’s still counter play to each namely cc and focused healing or in cases like Winston good aoe healing. Heck one trans will keep your team alive through nano tank and the new beat might be great to counter dive the Ana killing off the nano sustain or again just out lasting it.


You seem to be missing the point. The point is that nano-ing near-dead tanks is now viable.

You know those moments where the enemy withholds using their ultimates because they’re about to die, as part of ult economy? Ana using nanoboost now suddenly means more aggressive ultimates.

You know those moments where you’re about to kill someone and successfully ward off a combo’d ult, but the Brig swoops in and heals someone for 150 suddenly extending that fight and potentially tipping it in their favor? Nanoboost is now double that.

These things suddenly escalate into steamrolls very quickly. What would have been a successful kill on Zarya or Rein, suddenly sets them up for a teamwipe Grav or Shatter combo.

If Triple Tank/Dive comes like I predict, especially with Wrecking Ball where he already has a potential +700 shields, it’s going to oppressive. Steamrolls on old Triple Tank were already incredibly oppressive, imagine what happens when you have a potentially 1600 health pool hero with CC, AOE, and hitscan, supplemented by two other barreling tanks.


Only bad thing i could say about triple/quad tank is that it was boring to watch on Pro level, with a little bit of a comedy aspect of the Roadhog’s hook at that time.

But I still would not expect triple tank to make some huge return considering how unpopular,limited and counterable Goats are atm (3tank,3supp setup). Not with current hanzo for sure : D


(Sorry, this response is super long, but I started typing and had a novel before I realized it.)

At least from what I’ve seen, Ana’s toolkit - although it has the potential to be very powerful - is fairly easily mitigated by other characters right now. Unlike the other supports, Ana doesn’t really have an “Oh snap!” ult. Even though this might seem like an interesting alternative use for her ult, I’m not sure that it would be used all that differently; even worse, I feel like it might end up enabling toxic behavior.

Consider QP or matches played without comms (at various skill levels): as it is, people have a preconceived idea of who should be the recipient. In the few cases that it’s used defensively on live (or when it’s used on heroes not generally perceived as nano-worthy for damage), it’s not unusual to see people get upset. Heck, when there aren’t those heroes on the team, it’s not unusual to see people get upset about even choosing Ana over other supports.

When it’s used, the target becomes the shiniest person on the screen, and usually the biggest threat. If it’s used defensively with the new heal, chances are, that player will become the primary target for the enemy team; meanwhile, if the player’s team doesn’t see that the target was low health, or if they’re not one of the “chosen ones” preconceived as a worthy recipient of a damage boost, flaming /tilting will probably ensue. (As it already stands for supports, dps/tanks often don’t pay attention to who is being healed, or whether or not they are in LOS of their healers in the first place. Imagine if suddenly, the team suddenly sees something like a non-ulting Mercy or off-meta hero get nano: cue Ana flaming.)

Or perhaps it will cause players to become more reckless when Ana has nano available, because suddenly, they think “Ana’s got nano, she can just insta-heal me up if I get in trouble, also I can pew-pew more.” Sure this line of thinking works when there is a support (i.e. Brigitte) who is essentially built around insta-healing someone for a large amount, but Ana isn’t really designed for that kind of playstyle - at least not as the game (or meta) currently stands. (Yes, a nano-ed target also receives other benefits, but in many cases, players don’t consider the before - they just consider the after. Realistically, this change would essentially just tack a slightly beefed-up version of one of Brigitte’s normal CD’s onto her nano.)

Ultimately, I’m just not convinced that Ana’s single-target burst healing is enough of an issue to necessitate this type of change to her. Further, the change wouldn’t address many of Ana’s problems within the current state of the game.

Off the top of my head:

  • Ana probably has the worst potential regenerative capacity of any of the supports. (Only biotic grenade, which using for self-heals means that she won’t have it available for use on her team or for offensive pressure.)

  • Sleep dart isn’t particularly reliable due to being a fairly small projectile, in a game with high mobility heroes or heroes with small character models, it’s easily broken, and can miss due to non-reg bugs.

  • She’s the only support in the game that generally requires a fairly high level of accuracy in order to provide throughput/burst that is on par with the other two supports generally considered main healers (i.e. Mercy and Moira).

  • She’s the only support whose main source of healing often misses completely. (Moira’s can miss too, but Moira’s healing is also a frontal spray, which lessens the impact.)

  • Her base mobility, though on par with Zenyatta, functionally makes her healing less reliable due to being projectile shots; consequently, the best way of improving the reliability of her heals landing is to make her less mobile (i.e. slowing her movement speed), so that they are hitscan. Even then, her heals can often miss.

  • She provides unreliable group heals.

  • She has to reload her main source of healing. (Technically, Moira does too, but it’s fairly easy to avoid the need to wait for healing regen by damage-weaving.)

  • Biotic grenade and nano can hit unexpected/unanticipated targets if one of her teammates is standing too close to her, runs between her and her target, or even if they are close but behind her.

I think some alternatives changes to Ana could be things like:

  • Nano can be used on an enemy target, increasing the amount of damage they receive and decreasing the damage output of the target. (Essentially, give it the same type of potential for dual application as biotic rifle/biotic grenade, where it can help your team or hurt your enemy.) Goes through barriers.
  • Ana can use nano on herself, increasing the amount of damage done by the player, as well as causing her scoped and unscoped shots to splash heals onto nearby allies.
  • Ana can use nano on herself, increasing her damage and healing done, and lowering the CD’s, and improves the effects of biotic grenade and sleep dart. During a self-nano, biotic grenade provides even more benefit to healing received (i.e. the percent modifier goes up), and provides a healing over time effect. Sleep dart’s accuracy is increased (maybe pierce barriers?), and the target of sleep dart receives a DOT and/or slow upon awakening; however, the sleep effect can still only be on one enemy at a time.
  • Nano is still only usable on a friendly target that isn’t Ana herself. Through the duration, the nano-ed target now provides healing to nearby allies, in addition to decreasing the amount of damage the allies receive.

Nevertheless, some of the baseline changes that Ana (arguably) needs are some kind of aim assist for things like sleep dart and scoped/unscoped shots, fixes to nano and biotic grenade proccing off unexpected/unanticipated targets (specifically, proccing off allies next to or behind you), some kind of increase to her mobility, a buff to self-sustain, etc.

tl;dr Ana’s biggest issues wouldn’t be solved by tacking what is functionally a beefed-up version of a normal Brigitte CD onto Ana’s ult. Other problems should be addressed first. If Blizz still wants to adjust her ult by providing additional utility to it, there are ways of doing so other than just “here’s a bunch of upfront heals too”.

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