EXTREME Frame drops when respawning and changing heroes

So to start off, I remember that this has happened to me almost a year ago but I don’t remember exactly what stopped it.
Basically, whenever I respawn the game lags on extreme levels for around 10 seconds and then it resumes to playing normally until I die again. I am CERTAIN that it’s unrelated to my hardware, as currently these are my specs:

GTX 1070
16 GB of DDR4 RAM
Intel core i7 8700 on Windows 10 Pro 64 bits.

I am running the game on medium to achieve 144 fps, and like I said before, the game lags to around 1 fps when I respawn for about 10 seconds and then it resumes running at 144 until I die and respawn again OR get revived by a Mercy. This also happens when I change heroes in spawn.

This issue has surfaced again right after the Baptiste Reunion Challenge update.

I tried searching for a solution on the web but found nobody with the same problem as me. Any ideas? Thanks!

Have you enabled XMP in the BIOS for your memory? Otherwise, it’s running at under the speed you bought.

Also, enabling the shader cache in nvidia settings + high performance in nvidia settings should help in some way.

It may not be related to the hardware, but how the settings are on them may be limiting their use.

Hi, are you using Razer devices?

Hello and sorry for my late reply. Like the last time it happened, it suddenly stopped for no reason (didn’t change anything) but I still don’t know the cause. Thank for the help anyways :slight_smile: