Extreme FPS drops make the game unplayable

Lately for some reason I have been getting extreme FPS drops. I have played Overwatch for years on this computer and only now am I getting low FPS. My FPS usually stays around 100-80 in game but lately it’s more like 30-10 FPS. and the weird thing is that i only get low FPS after i choose a hero. everything’s fine in the menus and in the hero selection screen but once i pick a hero, my FPS plummets. I play tons of other games and I’ve never had this problem before.

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Are you using Razer peripherals?

Me and at least 2 other people I know are also having this problem. I however am getting this problem with a very high framerate. An almost consistent 200+ fps but the extreme frame drops. This started recently and I updated my gpu drivers after it started but to no avail. This doesn’t have anything to do with my end as I don’t get this problem in any of the other 20+ games I play, all with varying graphic intensities. I don’t have anything Razer either.

Your description of the issue sounds different from the OP’s. Please start a new thread, as it’s preferred to only troubleshoot for one player per thread when possible. You’ll want to include a DxDiag in your new thread.

Ok, that seemed to fix the problem thanks.

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Awesome, thanks for reporting back :+1: