Extreme FPS and performance drop since 2 patches ago



Since two patches ago (The one before Hammond went live) I have been experience an extreme drop in performance, I went from stable high fps to fps in the 4-10 range.

Also, I have had issues with my sound “slurring”, I don’t know how to put it, but audio is super choppy and stretched too, any phrase can take like 10 secs to finish.

I tried updating graphic drivers and updating OS, I tried reinstalling the game after checking for corrupt files did nothing, I then tried putting all my graphic settings to Low or Off and the problem still persists.

The game is unplayable and I don’t know what broke 2 patches ago for me, but it’s still broken and I’d really like to keep playing.

Here is my dxdiag https(:)//pastebin(.)com/rA1Y66M2

Here is my msinfo https(:)//pastebin(.)com/yECuLuJU

Please help me, I’m growing desperate and don’t even know what to do to fix this.

EDIT: Forgot to clarify, my temps are in the normal range of values, I’ve tried turning off the Discord overlay and then I tried closing everything in the background before running the game, giving the process High priority has been tried as well with no effect.

Also Overwatch is the only game giving me issues like this currently, haven’t had similar issues with any other game.


I am not seeing too much in the system files myself. Have you tried a full uninstall and reinstall of the game client, make sure to follow these steps including cleaning out leftover files if you do:

Other than that, I recommend experimenting with different settings in Overwatch’s video settings. Remember the lower they are, the FPS will be more consistant and faster overall. See this guide for details:


i did more and posted and still having problems like him


Uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have done the trick, plus following the post. Can’t play as fluid as before but at least the game is somewhat playable now.