Experiments with Reaper changes show them to be a nerf


Good question actually.

RNG and E-Sports sounds wrong.


At some point in time the sarcastic 2nd post had 3 times your likes, and now youve caught up :blush: I’ll keep this thread alive until ptr is patched through


I said exactly that in my OP. The problem is that there is no buff to compensate because it’s a damage nerf in the majority of situations.


They should just load slugs into his hellfire shotguns, do away with the whole pellet mechanic.

I mean, if i’m being honest, I’d expect him to utilize slugs from the outset.


They created a pattern with dead zones? I wonder if that is an accident or intentional…

Just look:


That pattern you see there certainly appears to be 50% less random than before. I’d say it’s intentional.


Not thought of/tested, prolly, my guess is that RH changes came first but got delayed from last thursday so they decided to give some changes to Reaper but didnt test it through, they have said in the past that they sometimes have time constraints so its not a huge stretch.


If they brought the size of the circle down, I don’t think it would be as big of an issue as it is. With the current spread, Reaper isn’t going to land as many pellets from his buckshot as he used to until he gets right up on someone.


Yeah its pretty simple really, just have 4 circles instead of 2, 5 pellets on each half the current distance from eachother 'n there u have it, 25% re-increase on damage from 10 meters.


I’m wondering if this is their intent, or if something in the coding went bonkers. It doesn’t seem to be fitting. :thinking:


prolly this


Yet it still takes 5 body shots point blank to kill Roadhog on both live and test, so…


The point is not point blank too, know how many shots it takes for RH to kill Reaper at point blank?
1.… also not the point, the point is Reaper does less dmg from over 5 meters.


Without being able to see what OP originally wrote, it sure seems a lot of people are unnecessarily hating on you for reporting this. Good testing that has now been verified by others.

Wonder if this is what Blizz intended, hopefully they can chime in and look at this!


I’m trying to figure out what point you’re trying to make.

Care to elaborate?


I would say it’s intentional that the randomization is less, but not that the damage is less from the same range


I am very confused, tbh


How is there no Maury meme about this title yet… you disappoint me community…


There ya go… Problem solved!


You’re the real MVP!