Experimental Reaper DPs change

After testing him, i love the midrange change though i don’t think it will be as impactful as people think. That being said I wouldn’t decrease the damage per bullet in the same patch. See how he works with his current damage and spread reduction, because as it stands he’s already not meta.

Ultimately, Reaper will never become a meta pick because of two factors A) His Effective Range & B) His Damage Output.

All the hitscan and sniper heroes effectively out-damage him at all spectrums, even when Reaper is supposed to be effective at Close Range, he will die on principle of the current patch.

Really, this whole patch did nothing. It’s like the development team didn’t take the feedback from experimental in the slightest. :confused:

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The previous version with absorb health equal to 40% damage deal may works well with the experimental reaper DP change.

2 months later