Experimental Mode: Launch Characters

Blizzard can do whatever they want in Experimental Mode. It’s their game after all.

They should have used Experimental Mode for Hero Pools instead of dumping it straight on to the live servers for next season of Competitive.

After all, what’s the point of adding an Experimental Mode if you’re not going to use it for experiments like Hero Pools?


I mean they literally couldn’t do it. They can’t change Sym’s hero abilities to be version 1.

Sure they could. They’d have to rewrite the code though, which is my point. Why the hell would they rewrite the code of the modern game to bring something back that they thought was inferior?

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That would require a patch, which is not how Experimental works.

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Sure they can.

They’ve given Roadhog and Zarya new abilities in Experimental Mode. They could easily change Sym to be her original version again.

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Not this version of the Experimental mode.

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Of course Experimental requires patches to be updated. How else do you think they’re going to update the console versions?

You don’t know how Experimental works? They do everything server-side. They cannot change the client-side stuff. There’s a limit to what they can do with it right now.

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Well it depends. Certain things they can do without a patch, and some they can’t. Something like number changes and the like supposedly they can do, but something like changing the interactions of Mei’s wall they have to patch.

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Not on consoles they don’t.

I thought it could. That was the point of putting experimental in, particularly on consoles, so changes wouldn’t take a month to go through.

They also said to expect the experimental mode to pop in and out suddenly, so I don’t think that’d require patches to do.

I could be wrong though. I play on Switch so I’ll find out.

No, the point of putting Experimental in was to test potential major gameplay changes that they weren’t sure about adding, so instead of using the PTR on PC (which is for changes that are coming to live) they use this Experimental mode.

Also, unlike PTR, it allows console users to partake in the testing, but there is no way they can make changes to Experimental on consoles without going through the update certification process as mandated by Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo.

They said that they likely won’t be testing major gameplay changes in the future, more just smaller balance changes. I could’ve sworn Jeff said that in a post somewhere.

I don’t recall him saying that. In fact, the patch notes indicate otherwise:

Not sure if he means just the next experimental card, or if this will be the primary focus.

Widow with 150 body shots looks round the corner

600 hp shield

5 second cooldown

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That’s Hero Pools, not the Experimental Card.

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Oh dang your right not really paying attention doing this between deaths,but considering they were able to do this with hero pools theyd probably be able to do the same with experimental

Doubtful since the Experimental Card will involve a lot more changes than simply disabling a hero from being used in Competitive.