Experimental Mode – Quality of Life November 2020

I love the Ana nade change, and the Pharah change looks interesting, but nerfing Brigitte outright without any other changes, while leaving Symm with her buffed HP?

We get it, balance around OWL, but ffs rework the heroes that seem to only be viable in those highly coordinated settings if you’re gonna keep nerfing them to death.

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Been saying that for years.

Glad you guys are testing it :+1:

Also to note everyone. Not everything in experimental reaches live. We have enough Moira changes and McCree’s roll mid air left aside.


Dear Overwatch.

If you’re just going to keep nerfing Brig can you please just delete her instead. I get that Samito is apparently god for balance changes to you folks, but I don’t want to play Ana in every match or pretend like Zen isn’t a DPS.

You’re just making the game less fun. There’s no reason to invest in overwatch 2 if you’re just going to insist on having the tank and support roles be a case of ‘if you aren’t playing this one character you are throwing.’

Maybe nerf Ana once in a while. Maybe make another tank viable. Just stop writing love letters to Samito.


Can Echo, Mercy, and maybe D.Va get that Pharah crouch treatment?

Also hell yes to the Ana grenade! So many missed clutch grenades.


You finally buffed brig so she was viable to play and then immediately nerfed her?? What was the point of this… I think keep her health low, but put that shield health back up so it encourages players to actually use their sheild going forward.


She enables the “My team is down an effective support” playstyle which is in fact obnoxious.


Folks… You realize that Brig is already barely getting any playtime? Like, what use is having a “support” if they can’t properly support the team?

In basically any given situation there’s basically never a reason not to play a different support over Brig. All the other supports either have far superior healing or better combat utility (antiheal, discord orb, immortality…) or fill in a hubrid dps role.

Brig seems to be intended as a hybrid tank character but that doesn’t work if you don’t make her tanky and give her some field presence. “Wasting a support slot and getting shot to bits” isn’t a viable role in any kind of team comp and since you have added role lock to the game and GOATS is literally impossible to run now, you might as well give her a bit of power back.


i’m a fan of ability canceling while dead and for hanzos storm arrow but i think the hover jets and brig change were a step in the wrong direction i don’t think the hover change will help pharah at higher elos but it almostly definitely will make her even more of a problem in lower ones 25 health isn’t going to be the difference in brig being viable or not it’s just a matter of brig players being miserable what is going to be the deciding factor is the meta surrounding her the shift to double barrier will not be caused by brig but she will assist it you should instead focus on the tanks that are rotating barriers and maybe make this a little more difficult for them longer barrier cast times things like that

Rip Brig, just when she was viable in ranked again and not considered a throw pick :slightly_frowning_face: :broken_heart:



  • Support heroes no longer say “Group up with me” when they are missing health and request healing

Best QoL change by far! It was so frustrating to ask for healing and ending up with “group up with me”. I’m really happy with this change.
Why only support though? This doesn’t happen with other roles?

Please consider adding the following QoL change in a future patch:

  • Heroes no longer say “I need healing” when they are at full health and request healing

Pharah change is nice, speed is just right with the descent. Only confusing part is it using fuel to do so. Using up most of it to stay up and then when you want to go down, you can´t when you need it or very small amounts with the little amount of recharge you get in a hectic fight.

Brig is supposed to be the “tanky” support, yet she feels like one of the squishiest of them.


The Brig nerf is a mistake and it should not go through. Shame on all of you if it does.


Oh. I feel bad for Brig. I thought this HP buff would be the step in the right direction for stabilizing Brig. Oh well. Next time.
who knows though. That might not be a thing.


Hey some of us actually have eye problems. I really wish people would stop using small text in their messages like this. :frowning:

This could have been added to Echo as well.


It’s to have a possible drawback to offset the extra midair mobility she’s gotten.

Would also be nice to have.

She’s already META again.

The few high-elo players on the forums warned you guys.
We warned you, you ignored and ridiculed us.

“If Brig gets this buff she’ll just be stronger in Bunker which is already returning”

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Please do not nerf Brig again! I think you guys prioritize pro play way more than the happiness of the general community and honestly it feels like crap. Nobody on earth thinks Brig is playable with 200 health/ armor. Her 0% pick rate in the OWL finals proves it.


Even with 225 health she is not that good tho