"Experimental" included in Training Room

I personally don’t notice much of the smaller changes, especially if that’s not a hero I play much. I am, however, still curious what the changes look and feel like and that can sometimes be a little difficult when you’re in a match with other players. So I was wondering if we could somehow include the changes from the “experimental” games and incorporate them in the Training Room as well - kind of like a “flip of the switch” on those particular heroes for a before and after thing. Echo has a terminal for her ult practice, so something like that (but closer to the dummies, PLEASE)

Not sure if this is the right category to be posting this particular suggestion, but figured it’s close enough :slight_smile:

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Jeff explained how to do it: Can we test experimental card changes in a practice range?

It’s time to start ACTIVELY turning up the training room - including placing the button ON THE MAP, by clicking on which the settings from the lab are applied

Pretty sure it’s impossible because you would need to restart the game for applying the change.

From a technical point of view, I’m not sure they can change some values in the middle of a game.