EXPERIMENTAL FEEDBACK: Hanzo ultimate charge rate out of balance

I have played a few of games of Hanzo with the new proposed experimental ruleset, while I think the small change really benefits Hanzo’s neutral game, I think the buff allows the Ultimate to come up a bit too frequently. I was able to gain my ultimate up to four times in a single game/round in a few matches. I feel a slight nerf to the ultimate charge rate may be required to effectively balance out the new change.

(To those curious about why as a forum MVP I have made this topic, well even I have to post feedback publicly here on the forums as I do not have direct communication with the development team.)


Hanzo has always had a really fast ultimate charge rate

I don’t know why they’ve never really touched it but I think the cost should be higher.

Maybe even a lot higher if they want to make dragons more practical than when used outside graviton surge or gravitic flux


I don’t think 50 extra damage on an ability that is only up once every 10 seconds is going to impact Hanzo’s ultimate charge that much.

Max it is an additional 100 damage (If you only get headshots.) every 10 seconds.

I don’t think you noticing an increase to Hanzo’s ultimate charge rate is related to the buffs. It probably already was pretty high.

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Does 50 extra damage every 10 seconds really matter that much?

Heh… maybe. Though I also tried a couple of games in quick play to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. I tend to spam Storm Arrow whenever possible as it is such an important shield breaker. I often judge my ability to gain ultimates as a measure to how well I am performing in general and for some reason it felt broken in Experimental.

lol, that is never going to happen unless they rework the ult, which is never going to happen.

I can dream though.

It doesn’t really require any form of a rework

Slightly faster, travels slightly further before “dragoning,” the voiceline can’t be heard by enemies until he’s already launched his arrow, I mean there are tons of things possible to make the ultimate more practical without a full blown rework.

I mean there was a time when as soon as the arrow hit a wall or structure they became dragons.

This made it much more practical and effective but the devs quickly removed it.

I feel problems with just making them slightly faster, delayed voiceline etc is that players will probably feel like it is unfair to fight against.

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Why no mention of Moira only doing 40 DPS? which is the same as 1 single turret.

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Because I haven’t played Moira yet on the experimental playcard.

Okay my bad sorry.

My ignorance didn’t read full title until now I just read "EXPERIMENTAL FEEDBACK and my 1 track mind click cause I wanted to see what you had to say lol

Its alright, I am still trying to vouch for a dedicated Experimental feedback forum here on the forums.


It’s so needed… I’m annoyed there isn’t one tbh.

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Hanzo main here that is pretty average ult times in a match some matchs I actually get six to seven but average is four to five

In a single one-round quick play session? (Note the Experimental Playcard only uses the Quick Play ruleset.)

That being said, Hanzo is not my most experienced hero, but in the end, it felt like it was too easy to get too much value out of him in regards to the ultimate, but these are just my personal impressions and by no means should be taken as gospel.

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Yes I have done it in one round (I messed up and said match but I meant round) it really ends up if you are landing those headshots and not missing normal shots.

5-7 is probably the limit due to time restraints and overtime

True, I would also note in most matches, my team rolled over the opponents (they were really fast), I will probably continue to try him out a bit more to be sure. (There for me is sadly not enough time to extensively test Experimental to make detailed feedback on most changes by the time they close it out.)

Buff D.VA 2020

while i tested the experimental against hanzo while playing orisa…it seems hanzo able to quickly remove me from the battle by pressing E followed by crit shot after orisa’s weak shield broken