Experimental changes reflected in the training room

When the experimental card is active, may we test the experimental changes in the training room?

It would be a more modern way to utilize the training room.

Custom -> practice range preset

Allow experimental changes in options


Your instruction is flawed. I tried it. I cannot locate “allow experimental changes”

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It’s under lobby settings. “Use experimental changes if available” or something like that.


Create a custom training room game. Under the game settings, either in Modes -> All or Lobby, there should be an option which says, “Use Experimental changes if available” or something like that. Set that option to “Yes.”

Hmmm. I selected the experimental changes, but Moira’s lingering heal still appears to be 4 seconds.

I thought the experimental patch brought her lingering heal down from 4 seconds to two seconds.

It doesn’t seem to work, unless I have to restart or something. :thinking:

That seems like a long two seconds…bug?

You do.

So when you put “use experimental if available “ to yes, Immediately restart the game

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It defaulted back to “no”.

Try pushing “back to lobby”
Then put the experimental change
Then start

I’m tired of it already. Why don’t they just apply the experimental patch to the training room card. I can’t screw anything up and I will know the experimental changes will be there.

It’s literally not hard.

Create Custom Game
Preset --> Training Range
Lobby: Use Experimental If Available

Takes 4 seconds to do.

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Because its not an official patch that is guaranteed to be live.

Range has always been for live servers for…you know…practice? I mean its such a simple change to add in custom games. If it keeps on not working dont blame the game

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It’s ok. Request withdrawn.

I will just play, adjust. Either she sucks, or not. That will be it then. I don’t want to change settings all the time to test experimental changes.

BTW: Moira still has lock on. You could walk “backwards” into an enemy hero and her beam will lock on. Make a thread about it…

You only have to change two settings, and you can even save that as a custom preset as well. Yes it’s harder than clicking the training range card, but we’re talking like 10 seconds instead of 3 seconds.

I mean Jeff already responded to the exact same thread awhile back

He basically gave this response lol

This is where you can find his posts

She is going to be better than she is right now for good Moira players, and worse for bad ones. That’s pretty good.

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Considering the direction we are going with humanity, the 3 seconds sounds better.