Experimental card... usage?

Well, i guess overwatch team with their briliant mind have already thought about this… but… why not say that , they might see right?

Experimental card is a really huge thing for overwatch, but as we all have seen it is kind of the same as workshop mode in overwatch, but a workshop done by the devs of overwatch and not the community.

but blizzard wanting people to test echo that fantastic hero… and making her just acessable trough ptr is not really a good thing, and we search for solutions as experimental card.

And i know, that the experimental card cant put a full hero inside it, since it is like workshop… but what about Uploading echo in the overwatch live servers, and just block her usage in all modes less experimental card?

that way, echo was not “released” already, people in all plataforms would be able to test her in the experimental card (Because there would be the unique place where she would be available to pick), and people could have a big array of people testing her, and then nerfs and buffs could be a lot easier too…

i guess that if we see things that way (uploading echo to live games, but restricting her only to experimental card & aim range training) would make a lot more sense… and i see no reason to the game not being able to handle it, since it would be Like hero pools… She would be banned everywhere, less in experimental card and aim training…

I guess that my post actually helps or even that i can at least get an answer of why it wouldnt work.

Since hero pools already work, i see no reason for that not being able to happen.

See ya, Sky


Experimental card only allows testing of modified assets. As echo is a non existing asset, they’d have to push her to live before they could put her on experimental card.


as i said, she would be an existing asset, since she would be in the game, but just blocked to all game modes, less experimental card

So she wouldnt be available to play in any modes, less the experimental one.


I mean, that could work. I know blizzard has the ability to modify allowed heroes. However, a certification process is required for consoles for any and all patches. Therefore, frequent modifications would be more difficult to make, and maybe that’s why they don’t. Not sure.


ok, thats a thing, but with experimental card it is the same thing, so they could be changing some things, nerfing abilities and etc without needing to update the game once she is inside it, cause in experimental card, they can make some abilitie with a higher cooldown, they can put her with more or less life, they can change everything without needing to update the game… so it could work still…

(the same as , you dont need to update the game, to create your workshop mode do you?)

i see no reason why she couldnt come yet.

they just need to do the things that way

and in 1 week she would be live, but being modified in experimental card to everyone test it, even console ones.

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Well I’m honestly not sure, I forgot they actually made it where balance changes can go through without a patch. I’m not sure honestly. As a console player, I’d love to be able to use her.


well then, time to make my idea go to blizzard ears, lets see if any dev can actually answer why it wouldnt be possible

or if it is actually possible, they might just have not thought about it (wich i think it wouldnt happen)

but i wish that my post actually helps the dev team somehow


The PTR is almost dead as of right now.
Maybe we’ll get and update very soon?

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maybe, but this is still a suggestion to blizzard change in future hero patches, like overwatch 2 hero patches. ^^

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I want Echo in the experimental card as well but after thinking about it more, I think I understand why the devs won’t do it (I really wish they would clarify it though)

The way I see it, the experimental card is meant to test balance and number changes. It won’t introduce new abilities or characters that need to be coded and such because they might have huge game breaking bugs. This is especially true for Echo with her duplicate Ult. I know they said in the experimental card dev update that “It’s not for testing bugs.”

That being said, Echo’s been on the PTR long enough to see if the game will burst into flames upon her entry and it looks fine so far. I don’t see how adding her exclusively to the experimental card would be a problem at this point (other than breaching the intended purpose of the card)

yes i do agree, but they could even create a “new card” like “test new hero” and then it would be some modes where she would be available, and then more people testing it, but yeah, they can do something like it, i know, but for testing bugs it is still needed to be in ow PTR, just for some tunning, and etc, she could be in oficial release

so when they launch a new hero it would be in both, in PTR and in live server,
and in live server it would be restricted to just that mode so people could test her everywhere

and only for pc in PTR it would be the other part of players who would be looking for bugs and help blizzard find some bugs there.

you see? perfectioness to everyone ^^

They could do this but it would severely reduce the number of people who use the PTR. I don’t see a big problem with it since a good amount of reported bugs still wind up going to live anyway.

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that the experimental card is basically a back end hero editor that hasn’t been released for us to use. If they released it players could make custom games with real balance changes and even prototype new heroes, abilities, and ultimates. They could even give us access to old abilities/ultimates removed from the game as well.

The main reason for these heroes to be on the PTR is less about the balance and more about the bugs related to said hero, like the recent super jump nerfs, also they have mentioned heroes like D.Va being exceptionally prone to being buggy, now Echo has to be tested to ensure she isn’t bug ridden.

It was already answered as to why they did t just put her into an experimental card.

They also just can’t rush certain things from PTR to Live because there may be a series of known bugs to work out. Then there are unknown bugs which the PTR that simulates a Live server emulated for the devs which their internal test environment does not.

If they pushed Echo to Live too quickly. they would have to constantly patch the Live servers to update the constant amount of fixes needed. Also, because there are always unknowns, it is wiser to take time with pushes to live especially when you already know there a a great number of bugs being introduced.

well, they could update it every week solving a lot of the bugs, so huge amount of bugs in a patch