Experimental Card Delay

I’m guessing there hasn’t been a new exp card update yet because the Summer Games update will come soon with update 1.50.

They’ll probably do some balance shortly after that?

You do realize the last real ExC back in Feb.

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That’s just a PTR Shortcut.

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Oh, you’re talking about non-balance stuff.

I don’t care about that.

Didn’t we just have one to test all the balance changes which is 90% of the point of the card itself?

You know some people actually do want certain testing done though, it could actually benefit the balance. (Sym + Ideas) Why not Upgrade from Taxi to Ambulance

Okay, fine, but that’s not what this thread is about.

Which is what ExC is…a PTR that’s actually useful in terms of testing…but people want it to be more than that (just because)

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Fun fact of the day:

In 6 days, we would have had overbuffed genji for a month

experiment is when you take results under consideration. they should rename it to “preview”

In 14 day I will be mostly playing Destroy All Humans

I just want main tank changes at this point. Literally any main tank changes.

It’s been pretty much 5 months since we’ve last had any.