Experiment time?

What about a new hero? I mean, it is the end of February.

Give it more time. Most people are conservative about all drastic changes. This experiment should run for several weeks to give players more time to make an opinion on it.


Will we ever have an “updated” experimental card based on feedback? Like some people like 1-3-2 but would like to see certain tanks have a little more power, certain DPS(one shot characters) have a little less?


You should put a system ingame to rate the matches! people who enjoy something aren’t going to flood to the forums or social media as heavily as people who hate something. Even emongg’s repeatedly been saying on stream he really doesn’t want to come to the forums to give feedback and wants something ingame.


its hard to test this in a QP environment,
If this was put in a comp style such as FFA comp I Feel you would get better results maybe.


well remember, this experiment was solely to see queue time

But that’s a significant improvement to Overwatch. I think you and your team made the right decision.


Actually they didn’t make any decision yet, they’re just testing things

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What if they kept these tank changes and rolled them over to 2-2-2?

I think the experiement card should give you an in-game review of the proposed experiment(s) after about 10 or so games. That way you also get the people on forums and the people not opened to use forums directly from the game.

Either way, so far in my games, I think CC is gonna need to be looked at, it’s just too good to counter the lonely tank.


This used to be a thing but iirc it got removed because people would mostly just rate games they won as good and games they lost as bad so the data was useless

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People are jumping to conclusions way too quickly. I think a lot of people would change their minds with some further balance changes to 1-3-2. I’m personally loving it as a tank main.


i think a week is alright, but not everyone will be able to try it out if its not up for long enough

basically if its on for some part of the week and then the full weekend, that would be great

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also, what does that mean

I really hope you people don’t base balancing decisions on one day of initial media responses… that would be depressing.

Oh, and i see the first question you were asked didn’t deserve a response.
Good to know.

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to be fair on the team, people demanded faster changes, faster changes means less time to test, less times to test…well you know


What was your inspiration for Hog’s new healing gas cloud mechanic?

i am guessing they are going ot nerf ice wall to 3 pillars?

Because everyone wants to try out the tank changes, please remember this before taking the biased data into account.


Actually Devastated by this comment. Been really enjoying the solo tanking experience.


i think possibly that means if its against a wall, instead of it going up the wall completely, some would go up, some would stay on the ground