Experiment time?

Mei, Bastion… we need any opinion about heroes that are less often played.

Can adding Arrows showing teammates out of line of sight behind you for Tanks only (like how Super Smash Bros does it when a character is off screen) be a possible change to make Tanking less frustrating?


Seems an oversight that While You Wait isn’t available for Experimental Card.


maybe a minimap for teammates only?


I think some people would love a one-way feedback form. Something similar to what World of Warcraft has:

Granted the World of Warcraft feedback form merely opens a webpage portal to fill out a form which goes to who knows where (from our view), however many have told me they worry about how much you guys “read all feedback on the forums”. (I have faith there is a lot more to the process.) Others (as Emongg on stream mentioned), don’t like posting to the forums and getting stuck into arguments or debates with other members of the community.


agree. we’re already working on this. weirdly, a good version is harder than you might think.


That sounds good too. I know stuff like this can make the game more casual but more information generally leads to less frustration and more understanding

Is this the sort of gameplay we can expect for OW2? More specifically Roadhog and his kit? :rofl: ggs btw


Yea, i suggested it cause more often then not i dont realize my team is backing off when im playing tank LOL so ive thought of a minimap for teammates only for a while

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Will Roadhog’s new experimental ability be added to the base game if the community responds positively?

That seems ill advised to just do what the people say, and whatever the community came up with, the dev team still has to agree on it.

Do we remember why he left originally?

Because this is kinda that. After what went down years back I’m actually surprised he’s back, and while he is saying ALOT, notice everything he says actually happens, and he says nothing about things that don’t - he’s come back careful because saying too much ended disastrously to the point I would have called harassment, and it was harassment.

It’s better this way because we know when he says something that we can 100% rely on this information and it’s already in its later stages of development. If he could tell you, or felt he could say about whats going on in shop, I’m sure he would. This ninja dev probably is sitting on a complete TREASURE TROVE of inside information that he is busting at the seams to share with us, he spends all day making this game what it is with his team and you can tell he is passionate about it too, lets just think about that for a moment.


I’d much rather play OW2 right now, than ever touch Bastion again.

this is being fixed (hopefully)


my first dev response and its a correction, well I saw that coming
because i make a lot of mistakes,is thwat I meant


It would be ill advised to simply do what the people say, but not having any player feedback is less wise.

This is an interesting topic… because remaining silent makes his issue worse.

Myst what do you think of Mei currently?

I know it won’t go live but would you consider keeping some of the tanks changes but modifying them for 2-2-2 balancing or have them up for the next ptr or experimental card? Some of the tank changes are pretty good:

  • like Roadhog who’s known for his design problem as he should be a tank not a “dps”.
  • D.va and Rein would benefit from armor changes. Although for D.va, she does need a booster cooldown increase. Like 4 to 5 sec.
  • Winston remains unchanged currently, maybe an adjustment to his health too like 150 armor and 350 hp.
  • Zarya currently unchanged
  • Sigma can make use of shield health increase and some tweaks to his abilities and damage to make him the main tank. Although I am aware of Orisa and Sigma becoming a strong combo again.
    *Orisa - I don’t know if she needs this because like I said again, her and Sigma combo becoming strong again.
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Uh oh, are you guys actually considering the tank route for Mei? I imagine collision means walking or shooting through it, probably latter

She’s a cool girl and kinda cute.